Croydex Bath Mat

Croydex bath mat

Croydex bath mat

The Croydex bath mat uses slip resistant rubber or PVC and phthalate free materials. You probably have a slippery bath or slippery shower with nothing to hold onto. Imagine life should you break a bone. If you have poor balance or you are not steady on your feet then give a non-slip mat for the shower or bath careful consideration. It helps to make life easier. It provides grip for the feet so less chance of a silly fall.

Keep your balance

Just think of the serious consequences if you have a fall or take a tumble and hurt yourself. It might be sensible to have a shower suction handle.

Croydex Bath Mat

The natural rubber bath mat is not only easy to look after because it is  machine washable but it is also treated with the Hygiene ‘N’ Clean treatment at the time of manufacture. This treatment cuts down the chances of the  bacteria occuring. This can degrade products and generate unpleasant smells.

Remember that Croydex bath mat is easy to clean and it is machine washable. It has secure grip suction grips.  Most important it is slip-resistant.

Product details

  • Secure grip suction cups is slip resistant, offers piece of mind
  • Made from natural rubber
  • Treated with Hygiene ‘N’ Clean, an anti-microbial additive which helps reduce or prevent the growth of germs
  • Easy to clean , machine washable

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Customer comments

  • It’s a good buy. It makes an over bath shower much safer to use and is clean and hygienic
  • The bathmat will not slip and most importantly, YOU will not slip!
  • Ideal to prevent unwanted slips in the bath
  • bought this for my 80 year old mum – she thinks its brilliant She now feels totally safe whilst she is getting in and out of the bath

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