Dog COA Non-Pull Harness

The dog COA NON-PULL HARNESS is a winner; it’s a harness that does stop dogs pulling.

Dog non pull harness. It really works!

Dog non pull harness. It really works!

Easy to use simple to fit

The elastic web and mesh that covers the dog’s chest stretches and allowes natural movement. This allows maximum comfort for the dog, whilst giving the handler total control. There are four simple things that the COA NON-PULL HARNESS does and it does all of them very effectively.

What does the dog harness do?

  • Instantly stops the dog pulling
  • Its a comfortable harness for dogs
  • Its an easy to use dog harness
  • Very simple to fit and take off
  • This is comfortable for the dog whilst putting the handler in control.


Dogs that want to remove your arm from your shoulder socket seem to get the message. Why is it so effectiv?  Its really quite simple, it stops the dog pulling simply by slightly lifting him up as he pulls, which means he cannot get any power into his pull.

The harness stops the dog pulling

I cannot take a dog out that pulls because it will pull me over. This will apply to anyone whose balance is not perfect. Being able to change a dog from one that is continually try to pull you into the next county into one that does not pull is a life changer. This easy to fit dog harness can make that happen instantly.

It really does stop the dog pulling

It really does stop the dog pulling


When you first see the restraint you wonder how this will rather delicate looking arrangement can work and will it be strong enough? It is vital that the harness is pulled tight; this won’t hurt the dog because the material is so soft and does not rub. If the dog can chew it then you have a harness that is a non starter.

So easy to adjust to fit the dog

Tighten the harness only when it has been put onto the dog. Tighten it by pulling the chords that come through the metal loop until tight and then pushing the metal holder down so that the harness remains tight and snug around the shoulders of the dog. Now attach the led to the metal ring at the end of the cords.

East to put on and take off

To take the harness off loosen the two cords so that the loop is pulled up against the mewtal plate. Remove one paw at a time and then pull it over the head. The same process but in reverse to put it on. The picture on the right shows how it should look when the haqrness on the dog.


Customer comments

  • Its like dog brakes
  • On first impressions the harness didn’t look strong enough but straight away he walked without the constant pull so it was not put under a lot of pressure.
  • I had tried different collars including a check collar and choke chain with no success. I had also tried different training methods with no success. I then decided to try the non-pull harness. I couldn’t believe how well it worked.
  • I bought this to stop my toy poodle pulling, the first [time] he went out with it on the pulling stopped immediately total difference in taking him out now
  • no amount of training worked .. Until I put these harnesses on! IMMEDIATELY they were compliant and relaxed .. Even if a cat walks past with a gentle tug they stop trying to pull.


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