Essential Extras For The Topro Troja Rollator

Essential extras for the Topro Troja rolltor

Topro Troja Rollator

The Topro Troja rollator is a reliable walker if you have difficulty with balance Maybe you find walking difficult or struggle carrying items such as a plate of food. I have used these rollators for several years. I’m a happy customer. I am going to tell you about some essential extras for the Topro Troja rollator that could significantly improve your quality of life. I really value four of them, a walking stick or crutch holder, a tray, a non-slip mat that fits onto the tray and a back support.

Essential Extras For The Topro Troja Rollator

I see a so many people with MS using these rollators but very few seem to have these extras. Could it be because they do not know about them? Well if that is the case let me tell you about these essential extras for the Topro Troja.

The Topro walking stick holder

Walking stick or crutch holder (base)

Walking stick or crutch holder

Walking stick or crutch holder (top)

Walking stick or crutch holder (top)

This is extremely easy to fit the walking stick holder onto either side of the rollator and it is incredibly simple to use the carrier.  It will hold a walking stick of any size. Now there will be no anguish or frustration because you have lost the stick if you know it has its place on the rollator when you use it. The stick holder never needs to be removed once it has been fitted.

Topro Troja tray

Topro Troja tray

The Topro serving tray

I think flat tray is an essential addition to the Topro Troja rollator. It slides it into holders that keep it secure. The seat is not flat enough to be used to move things around. Instead use the tray to move drinks, meals and heavier objects around the house. You cannot fold-up the rollator with the tray in place; obvious if you think about it.

Non slip mat

Non slip mat

The Topro non slip mat

The mat fits snugly into the tray and in many ways it is essential for the tray. The anti-slip mat grips the top of the tray and the bottom of your items on the tray. This prevents them from slipping around on the tray surface. The mat is also very easy to wash.

Back rest ot support

Back rest ot support

The Back Support

This will fit both the Topro Troja and Olympus walkers. It easily clips on without tools. It is adjustable to allow you to fit it to an individual body size and sitting position and feel comfortable. The rollator can be folded up and the strap does not need to be removed.

I think these four items are essential extras for the Topro Troja rollator. Extras that enable you to get more use from the walker as well as giving you an improved quality of life.

These four items are very useful

  1. Crutch or Walking Stick Holder for Topro Troja Walker
  2. Serving Tray for Topro Troja
  3. Non Slip Mat for Topro Troja Tray
  4. Back Support for Topro Troja or Olympos Walker

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2 responses to “Essential Extras For The Topro Troja Rollator”

  1. Hi, I have a Troja Olympus rollator for outside use. I also have the smaller version for indoors. I have lost the clip to go on the Olympus when folded to store in car boot. Can I buy one of these?
    Regards Joanne

    • Hello Joanne,

      Contact Topro direct and they have spares that you can buy. You can do it over the phone They are based in Nottingham, here is the phone number Phone +44 0115 846 5406

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