Five fly to Seville and I got myself a UTI

Five fly to Seville and I got myself a UTI

Seville cathedral

Five of us fly to Seville for a five day holiday on Valentines day. The Ryanair flight left Stansted airport at 6.40 in the morning. It’s a 3 hour flight and it takes an hour to drive there. It was going to be a long day but at least I had a little nap during the flight. Landed at 10.40 and already I had been on the go for over 7 hours.

A bit of a recap

I have Botox injections into my bladder. So okay I have the bladder of a young man but it does mean I have to do intermittent self-catheterisation. With MS it is a given, you cannot win everything. Sometimes the toast does land sticky side up but don’t tell anyone else you’ve buttered both sides. So if I want to have a pee I must catheterise.

Back to the present

We arrive at the hotel and I feel as if my bladder is very full, last peed just before I went to bed. In the room I pick up a catheter and visit the loo. Shock, horror, what’s going on? The catheter won’t go into my bladder. I tried coughing as I insert the catheter in but it will not go into my bladder. Now I’m getting stressed for obvious reasons.

Relax, relax and relax

I lie down on the bed for five minutes and try to switch off. Then I tell The Wife what’s going on.

She says “Don’t worry darling just rest for a few more minutes”.

Five minutes pass then I go into the loo and give it another go. Same again, I’m unable to have a pee. Awful sense of urgency but there is nothing I can do. I can see a crisis hurtling full tilt towards me. What am I do, I can’t speak a word of Spanish. How do I explain the problem?

The gods are smiling

The woman at reception speaks perfect English. I say “I have a crisis; I need to go to hospital NOW”.

She asks “Which hospital”?

“The closest, this is really urgent”.

Five fly to Seville and I got myself a UTI

Disabled loo sign in Seville

Ten minutes later

Me and The Wife are in a taxi going to the nearest hospital. I’m bursting for a pee but there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. 10 minutes later we are at the hospital speaking English to a Spaniard who does not understand a word I’m saying.  He immediately realises I am distressed so he finds a translator.

A smiling woman appears

My mind goes into overdrive. I shove embarrassment to one side and I launch into an explanation of the problem. She’s pretty quick and soon she has me seated in front of a doctor while she outlines the situation. Before I know it I’m on a bed and someone is putting a catheter into my bladder, it empties. Then they take a blood and urine samples for testing.

One hour later

I’m told I have a UTI, no blood poisoning and I’m given a prescription for an antibiotic. In a week’s time the indwelling catheter will need to be removed. A taxi is ordered and I return to the hotel.

A week later

I’m back in England, I’m trying to organise removal of the indwelling catheter but that’s another story.

Bladder incident aside Seville is a beautiful city. I want to go there again.

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3 responses to “Five fly to Seville and I got myself a UTI”

  1. The very same problem happened again in May, its not a UTI instead I think a sphincter has got an infection or a problem with an enlarged prostate

  2. Eileen says:

    Wow quick thinking all round!

    Sounds as if you managed to enjoy Seville eventually.

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