Going back to Pilates


These are the basic Pilates positions

I have missed my last four Pilates’ sessions. They are on a Friday morning but I have been away. Going back to Pilates was a bit like going back to school after the Easter or Christmas break.

Going back to Pilates

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy Pilates. It helps me with the biggest problems caused by the multiple sclerosis (MS), my balance and foot drop. I have survived the ‘tripping up all the time’ stage. Now I have progressed to the ‘I cannot walk without a rollator’ stage. I won’t contemplate the next stage, Meanwhile the Pilates helps with my core stability, this is a big plus for me.

More MS problems

Problems become more serious because of the inevitable progression. Oh what joy,little issues develop into problems then there is a change of life style. It has taken about 20 years for the changes to become this refined. I am unable to carry a plate of food or drink while walking. Climbing the stairs is slow and tedious.

Getting into a car now needs new skills. Most people put in a foot and then sit down on the seat. Me, I have to get in bottom first and drag my feet in afterwards.

My sense of balance is completely visual. If I stand up, don’t hold onto anything and shut my eyes then I WILL fall over.

Pilates may not

Eliminate my drop foot or drop leg. These occur because of damage to nerves in my spinal cord and brain.


The Plank. Do you think this looks easy?

Pilates will probably

Build up my core stability. When I take a step, turn a corner or reach out an arm my nervous system turns my muscles on in a specific order, trunk muscles contracting before limb muscles.  This stabilises my body, ensuring that I am not pulled off balance by moving an arm or leg. This is commonly known as ‘core stability’.

The balance problems

These occur because messages are not reaching the muscles in my left leg and messages about the position of my left leg are not getting back to the brain. This affects my stability.

So going back to Pilates?

It was a really good session today? I measure the quality of the session by the ache of the muscles in my abdomen. Today there was a really good buzz in that part of my body. My muscles ached, they felt as if they had been woken up but I didn’t feel exhausted. I was pleased to have gone back to Pilates

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