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handSteady drinking mug

handsSteady drinking mug  – So simple

Do you have such a severe tremor  that drinking from a normal cup is difficult?  If you are unlucky enough to have a tremor in the arms weak wrists or  weak hands? If that is the case then a handSteady drinking mug could be the solution. Incidentally it will also help if you have difficulty swallowing or arthritis. A handSteady drinking mug will make having a drink so much easier. Also it might be a suitable gift for a friend or relative of yours who has a tremor.

It has a large easy to hold handle

Its a clever device, you hold the handle of the cup and as you tilt the handle the cup stays vertical. It eliminates the possibility of spill liquid when you have a drink, no need to use a straw. The handle rotates but the cup remains vertical – clever eh

Its lightweight

Here is a short video from Judi Brums who lives in Surrey, England. Judi has Multiple Sclerosis and like many other people with advanced MS, Judi finds drinking easier with handSteady because:

  • It has a large, easy to hold handle.
  • It tilts easily. Just tilt the cup  by using one hand and the rotatable handle (see the video for a demo of how Judi drinks with handSteady
  • It’s lightweight.

Much the easiest way to understand it is to have a look at the video. If you want to know more then go to handsteady information

Other advantages

  • There in no need to tip your head back when drinking
  • The cup is dishwasher proof.
  • It does not break if dropped.
  • It is something to help you but it does not label you as a disabled person.

It is a recent invention, it was first available during the summer of 2012. As far as I know there is nothing quite like it available to buy.

If you have bought one then please leave a comment let me know what you think of it.

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2 responses to “handSteady Mug”

  1. Lynn grayson says:

    Hi I’m interested in obtaining a sample cup. I’m a Parkinsons nurse in east Cheshire and many of our patients would be interested in this cup. I would demonstrate and show it at our next group meeting

    Kind regards

    • Hello Lynn,

      The easiest way is to go to my website http://www.aid4disabled.com. There is a search box on every page in the top RH corner. Type in Handsteady or handsteady then carriage return. A new screeen is shown, now click on the picture or text. Another screen is shown with an article specifically about the mug, now click on the picture. This will now take you to the screen where you can order Handsteady mugs.

      I am sure there are other ways but I know this way works.

      The mug is great for people with a tremor. THere might be some other products I have already identified that might be of a help. I know there are rollators with a small beam that help people to walk that have Parkinsons. If you know of other items that do not need a prescription then I would love to know and I will include them on my website. I’m always on the look out for products that help people with a Long Term Condition so that I can write about them on my website

      Good luck


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