handSteady Mug

The handSteady mug is the world’s first and only cup wth a rotatable handle.

Handsteady Mug.

Handsteady Mug.

Greater independence and a better quality of life

You can carry a drink with out fear of spilling a drop. You can now take the drink to the table. Now you are not dependent upon someone else carrying the drink for you.

Helps people with a tremor

The handSteady cup is lightweight, unbreakable, dishwasher safe and stain resistant. It has a fully rotatable handle so it is ideal for someone who does not have good use of their hands It is designed to be used by people with a tremor, Parkinsons, multiple sclerosis or weak wrists.

Fully rotatable handle

A vital feature of the handSteady mug is that it has a fully rotatable handle so that someone with unsteady hands can lift it it without spilling a drop. You can now carry the drink yourself. Is this the first cup with a fully rotatable handle?

Very easy to hold

The hand that is doing the gripping does not have to change the angle of grip when drinking.. You lift the mug to the lips then tilt it using your other hand without changing your angle of grip. There is a lid that can be fitted thus making it impossible to spill any liquid.

HandSteady mug. Stays upright

HandSteady mug. Stays upright

Easy to pick up

The cup is ideal for someone with a tremor but it could easily be used by someone who has Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis. There is a large handle, this makes it much easier to pick up and hold  the mug.

You can carry it yourself

If the lid is placed onto the cup it can easily be carried without fear of spilling any of the liquid. If people with a tremor want to carry an ordinary cup it cannot be filled much more than half full and then it is usually carried around in a supermarket type basket.

Help with payment

To make it easier to invest in a handSteady there is an option to pay 3 monthly payments of £13.33 or a full payment of £39.99. If it’s for a disabled person in the UK there’s a further 17% discount, making it 3 monthly payments of £11.11, or a full payment of £33.33.

Dishwasher proof and non-slip base

A useful perk, it is dishwasher proof. Also it is supplied with plastic rings that fit around the base of the cup, this gives it an anti slip base.

Not only is it useful in the house a nurse or carer could give a drink in a hand’steady mug to someone confident that there is almost no chance of a spillage.

Drop it and it won’t shatter

It looks like good quality bone bone china but when dropped it does not break and the rotating handle technology is almost invisible.

Click here to buy a handSteady mug and see the video.


The handSteady mug is designed by Chris Peacock and the idea came to him because a member of his family suffered from Parkinson’s.

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2 responses to “handSteady Mug”

  1. Lynn grayson says:

    Hi I’m interested in obtaining a sample cup. I’m a Parkinsons nurse in east Cheshire and many of our patients would be interested in this cup. I would demonstrate and show it at our next group meeting

    Kind regards

    • Hello Lynn,

      The easiest way is to go to my website http://www.aid4disabled.com. There is a search box on every page in the top RH corner. Type in Handsteady or handsteady then carriage return. A new screeen is shown, now click on the picture or text. Another screen is shown with an article specifically about the mug, now click on the picture. This will now take you to the screen where you can order Handsteady mugs.

      I am sure there are other ways but I know this way works.

      The mug is great for people with a tremor. THere might be some other products I have already identified that might be of a help. I know there are rollators with a small beam that help people to walk that have Parkinsons. If you know of other items that do not need a prescription then I would love to know and I will include them on my website. I’m always on the look out for products that help people with a Long Term Condition so that I can write about them on my website

      Good luck


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