Heads MS Wins or Tails I Lose

Heads MS wins or tails I lose

Heads MS wins or tails I lose

Heads MS wins or tails I lose. Its all on the toss of a coin? Life is unfair. Running, driving, dog walking, employment are just a few things my friend MS has won from me. It is exerting such a strong grip on my life. Nowadays I run out of energy more quickly than ever 🙁 . Worse still it seems to take longer and longer to put the energy back into me.

Heads MS wins or tails I lose

I gave a presentation called “I’ve got MS and I fall over” to the Dacorum U3A group, it lasted about one hour. I gave the talk standing up and then walked home using my rollator. It is not far, only about 300 yards.

I did not expect to be fresh as a daisy when I walked into the house. Instead I definitely felt like a wilted daffodil.

Storm Henry

Being greeted by all the washing up from last night’s supper did not help matters. Four for roast chicken but the kitchen looked like it had been hit by Storm Henry. Eventually order had been restored but there was a price.

I now felt totally knackered, call it MS fatigue. Conversation or logical thought were impossible. I felt like a piece of flotsam that had been left on the beach after Storm Henry. Hmm maybe I need to learn how to manage my fatigue

Heads MS wins or tails I lose

Who am I kidding?

All too much

My fatigue is usually a general weariness; it does not feel as if I have run into a brick wall. Now just putting one foot in front of another was a colossal effort. Staggering and lurching with my rollator I collapsed onto a comfy chair.

Not so long ago I could have done the presentation, walked home, done the washing up and still be able to carry on. Now I had to sit down for about an hour before I could embark on my next task.

I want to ignore it

I am doing a Level 3 award for education and training and I had to complete my first assignment and hand it in the next day.

Why do I set myself all these hoops to jump through? A question I ask myself every time I look at my diary.

The MS cannot be ignored despite my protestations. I always seem to be running to catch up. Well OK running is an impossibility, thanks to MS. Instead shall we say stumbling with my rollator.

2 responses to “Heads MS Wins or Tails I Lose”

  1. Kay says:

    Hi Patrick, I generally agree with the comment that if alternative medicine worked it would be called medicine. However, I pass on to you the experience of an MS friend who is in a wheelchair, catheterised (etc, etc,). On top of everything, she has always suffered from fatigue so severe that it has scuppered all attempts at rehab, making everything MS considerably worse. However, for the last two years she has followed a regime promoted by someone called Medical Medium (I know, I know, I smell the snake oil). It’s a twice-daily drink of celery juice. It’s fresh celery, juiced, don’t know the exact quantity but it’s not a ridiculous amount and apart from that she’s made no other changes, dietary or otherwise. I’ve also forgotten how long she told me it was since starting that the fatigue simply went. She hasn’t had it since. No effect on any other symptoms, but as she says, not being fatigued allows her to manage her life. Let me know if you want further info. x

    • Hello Kay,

      Many thanks for the suggestion, I will pass. To be honest a 15 or 30 minute sit down will allow me to overcome the worst effects of fatigue and then get on with life. Like everything in MS it is completely different for everyone and we all find our own ways to live with the disease and have an acceptable quality of life.

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