Honeywell Oscillating and Tilt Stand Fan

Honeywell Oscillating and Tilt Stand Fan - Black

Honeywell Oscillating and Tilt Stand Fan – Black

The Honeywell Oscillating and Tilt Fan is an ideal fan to use in a room. The head of the Honeywell Oscillating and Tilt Stand Fan moves from side to side in an easy rhythm. It has an adjustable height and a stable base, the fan creates a cooling breeze withand it has three speed settings. Fans are an example of where you get what you pay for. An ideal fan with a good cooling effect for the  summer and generate air circulation during the rest of the year. The Honeywell Oscillating and Tilt Stand Fan is good value for money.

Honeywell Oscillating and Tilt Stand Fan

  • The fan head can rotate through an 85 degree arc giving an evenly distributed flow of air throughout the room.
  • Classical design
  • It is not noisy even when set to the maximum speed
  • Easy to adjust the height anywhere between 112-135 cm.
  • You can control the fan to provide air circulation both in terms of power and direction.
  • 3 year warranty

The object of any fan is to move air around and that will make you feel a lot cooler. This one does the job, it is efficient and it is effective. There is not a lot more to ask of it.

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Customer comments

  • I’m really pleased with the fan. It is very silent and powerful. It took me about 15mins to assemble
  • The base is heavy and stable (it felt as if they’d carefully considered a heavier-base to counteract the weight of the fan-motor above it), and seems unlikely to fall-over to me from slight passing knocks.
  • This fan is nice, not very noisy and it looks good. I was going to go for a cheaper one but I liked the black and got it. It looks good and works well.
  • This product was bought to provide the cooling element during periods of training in the garage on a cycle turbo trainer and crosstraining machine.

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