I forget what I was going to tell you

I forget what I was going to tell you

Forget me nots

I’ve had too many ideas on blogs to write over the last few months. Some frustrations, some positive experiences and even some actual thoughts. But when I start to write a blog there is a crisis that needs my full attention then I forget what I was going to tell you.

I’m ten

Recently this website celebrated its 10th birthday and consistently I publish about 45 posts a year. August was in the rear view mirror and less than 10 posts this year but behind the scenes life has been non-stop. We’ve also taken a big decision.

We are getting older

That is life, 68 in December. The late Victorian terraced house is no longer suitable for us. Situated in the middle of a town in the Chilterns. Sounds idyllic but now it is too big and something always needs mending. I’m suffering from advanced multiple sclerosis, cannot walk unaided. Going upstairs is now a once-a-day activity. I have not been into the basement or top floor for several years.


We have finally got our head around this idea.  Now we need to dispose of a lifetime’s worth of clutter. Is there a fairy out there who will help us to resolve the thousands of keep or throw decisions? Then before we move into the flat it will need a step free shower and numerous grab rails. I am determined not to think about the stress levels that will break out in our house.

The garden

Now it is now a haven for stinging nettles and bind weed. The vine and wisteria are monopolising the south facing wall. There are some lovely plants but they have been ignored for too long, Someone with young knees, green fingers and TLC is urgently needed. The little postage stamp sized lawn looks fantastic but that is because it’s AstroTurf.

The family

This year The Wife has celebrated her 70th birthday. The entire family stayed in a hotel in the Austrian Alpes. First time for over 5 ½ years that we have all been under the same roof. Perfect weather with no arguments or stress, it was a memorable week.

Multiple sclerosis

It is continually making my life ever more difficult to negotiate. Over an hour every morning just to get dressed and that can leave me feeling wiped out. Concentration span of a gnat leaves me with a plethora of jobs that I have started but failed to finish. Short term memory and multi-tasking continue to let me down with monotonous regularity. A temperature above 22C sends me stumbling into the coolest part of the house.

Some good news

I have just started taking medical cannabis and I feel better and happier so I’m really pleased. MS creates so many problems and I’m not too sure where to begin. Pain is disappearing and I feel much better in myself. Just one word of caution, I have to buy it privately and it ain’t cheap.

I forget what I was going to tell you

Moving house, downsizing and multiple sclerosis are just 3 reasons for my silence. I’m sure there are plenty more excuses but that’s plenty enough to see us through the rest of this year. Life will have plenty of ups and downs and I hope there will be another ten years life with this website. Keeps me busy and out of trouble.

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12 responses to “I forget what I was going to tell you”

  1. Chris Kirk says:

    Hi Patrick…another very constructive read thank you. We feel your pain, as we are just in the process of moving. We’re going from 3 stories on steep steps to a 2 storey on shallower steps. But the new place has a suitable option to convert to a downstairs bedroom and wetroom next door. The village we’re moving is all on the flat, not like the Malverns which is all slopes. It has all facilities we should need within spitting distance. We’ve chosen Herefordshire because my wife’s consultant covers this area too. The biggest problem we’re facing is the downsizing and life laundry of ‘stuff’! Good luck with your change and keep us posted.

    • Hello Chris,

      Sounds like you have done a lot of homework re steps, hills and a house you can enjoy.

      I’m making frequent donations to charity shops but its the furniture and pictures. This time next month the house goes on the market.

      There will be updates, my way of dealing with the stress.

  2. Treasa Anderson says:

    I am delighted that the cannabis is working out for you! And best wishes with the move. You might find it liberating getting rid of the clutter – I am a fan of The Minimalists who challenge our over consumption lifestyles! https://www.theminimalists.com/

    • Hello Treasa,

      Removing 45 years worth of clutter is liberating but also quite a challenge. Lucky to live in a town centre with charity shops that are wheelchair friendly

  3. Hello,

    Google The Medical Cannabis clinic. 50 ml costs £175 and I take 2 doses of 0.4 ml per day, seems to be doing the trick.

    A flat is definitely the way to go. We have a proper wet room in our house at the moment. I am aware of the different pros and cons such as basin height, door width, non slip floor and need to sit down to go to the loo. I might be younger than you but my MS seems to moving quite fast in the wrong direction these days.

    Any advice is always appreciated

    Talk soon,


  4. Hi Patrick,

    I read your latest blog with interest and recognition as I used to live in a 3 storey Victorian house. I now live in an adapted bungalow. A couple of points:

    – Please let me have full details of the cannabis product you take. I am so glad it is helping with the pain. What is it called? Where do you get it from? How much does it cost? I tried cannabis a couple of years ago but it made no difference. Maybe the product you take is better.

    – Moving to a flat is an excellent idea! It will make life so much easier for you. But being all on one level is not enough on its own to make everything accessible.

    – Accessible shower room. I had one installed in my bungalow a couple of months ago. I am now nearly 76 and quite a bit older than you, but age and MS don’t go well together and – sadly – things do get worse. So you will need a level access walk in shower you can be wheeled into if needed. I splashed out on a high tech wash n dry toilet which washes and dries you. Worth the expense. The toilet seat needs to be higher than usual so it’s easy to get on and off. You will also need a toilet surround with arm rests to help you on and off, or separate arm rests. I now have to sit all the time as standing is too painful, so the basin is a little lower but can still be used by an able-bodied person. I have a lowered mirror as well as a mirrored cabinet above the basin. Essential: The floor tiles need to be non-slip and so does the shower tray otherwise they’re a SERIOUS slip hazard.

    – I also needed a wider than normal door to the shower room and also the main front door. If you ever need a wheelchair, standard width doors are too narrow. I now have a power chair (though I can still walk with a walker – just) from my local Wheelchair Service and it is quite hard to negotiate narrow and cluttered areas.

    I hope this is of some use!

    Best wishes,

  5. David Walker says:

    Good to hear you’re hanging in there, Patrick!
    I’m 75, and use supplementary oxygen for my COPD.
    Last year had a PET scan to see if the nodules on my left lung were “interesting”, came back benign.
    Just had a MRI scan of my prostate last week, not in imminent danger of turning nasty , just needs keeping an eye on but means I have to clamber upstairs more often than I would like, need to get up at night too which is annoying.
    Got a letter this morning, need to go to the local hospital to be fitted with a device to record my heart for 24 hours, see if it’s still working properly.
    On the plus side, my wife and I live in a very pleasant village in the Yorkshire Dales, practically in the centre so good for the shops, doctor’s surgery etc., but down a quiet cul-de-sac, so no traffic to bother about apart from last Friday night when a cretin drove a stolen Polaris farmer’s small 4×4 past our front door at great speed at about 1:30AM, scraped my car and wrapped the 4×4 round the steel pillar at the end of the street to such effect it had to be lifted up in the air to disentangle it!
    Unfortunately the perpetrator ran off, having smashed the windscreen with his head and bent the steering column with his chest, so I can’t see him being particularly happy.
    Police said there was a lot of it about.
    Other than that however…
    Incidentally, I bought the Travelscoot that a lady advertised on your blog a few weeks ago, very satisfactory!

    All the best, Dave.

    • Hello David,

      I’m pleased to hear the Travelscoot is a success.

      You might live in a quiet cul-de-sac but your life seems to be busier than ours. Right now I’m in good health apart from MS but a lot can change between 68 and 75. No crazy stolen cars roaring up and down our street upsetting the peace and quiet.

      I’m sure moving house will be an activity full of turbulence and activity. Must remember to stay calm.

  6. Bernard Gorman says:

    Less posts, but nevertheless a quality read.
    Thanks for sharing this update and best of luck with the potential property move.

    • Hello Bernard,

      I’m sure there will be plenty of ups and downs in the next few months. When does a house move not have its moments of stress, torture, anguish and despair

  7. lynn burrows says:

    Sounds familiar! We’re in a 17th century house which I’m finding more and more difficult to negotiate.
    I’m interested in the medical cannabis- can I ask for the name of your supplier please?

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