I Need A Two Wheeled Walking Frame

I need a two wheeled walking frame

A two wheeled walking frame

I have come to the conclusion that I need a Two Wheeled Walking Frame. Coming to this conclusion did not make me feel happy. Would a zimmerframe mean that I would be less likely to fall over? Am I a step closer to always needing to use a wheelchair?

Is this another tipping point on my journey with MS?

I need a two wheeled walking frame

Visions of elderly people in a retirement home floated before my eyes when I took this decision. Now I am the proud owner of a wheeled walking frame.  I do not feel any nearer to always using a wheelchair but I do feel so much safer.

Ordering it

Rather than splashing out my own cash I spoke to my GP.  My argument was very simple. If I were to fall over and have to go to hospital because I lost my balance without a walker then using one would have pay for itself.

On reflection I don’t think I needed to put a case to my doctor; I’ve got history as a frequent faller.


Within a few days before it was delivered by a physiotherapist. She adjusted it to the right height and showed me how to use it. I could easily have done both of these things myself.

Its very light and narrow enough to get through any door or negotiate tight corners.

I only use it upstairs

Furniture walking was not a feasible option. Too often I have to launch myself across the bedroom and hope not to fall over before reaching safety. Safety might be a door handle or a piece of furniture.

I need a two wheeled walking frame

The cat does not need a zimmerframe

Another fall was on the cards

Maybe dislocating a shoulder or even worse. A fate that I did not want to happen.

I feel much more stable using it. It is essential if I am walking without my FES. I very quickly learned to use the wheels to push it forward then support myself on the wheels and the front legs when I take a step.

I’m six foot tall, it has been extended to its maximum height and it is only just high enough for me.

Walking speed is not rapid

Could it become an Olympic sport? It is not ideal if you have to negotiate a step or two.  Using it means that you have no free hands. This is not a problem when using it upstairs.

All in all

its another essential walking aid, better than a walking stick and I keep my independence

May 2016

4 responses to “I Need A Two Wheeled Walking Frame”

  1. Judy says:

    A great idea, Patrick! A two wheelked zim may be just what I need! I’ve attempted a few rollators, but are too awkward.

    • Hi,

      Walkers are OK but impossible to carry anything when using one. I’m a great fan for the Topro range. Yes they are pricey but well designed, robust and reliable

  2. Jane Ambrose says:

    Don’t feel too badly about it, it might keep you mobile longer than you think!
    I have two dreaded zimmerframes – one outside which I rarely use and one upstairs which I use all the time, it can also be used for exercise – standing up from sitting on the bed (more about MS and exercise and I believe it’s great benefits to MS later…)
    You should be able to get an addition to the zimmerframes which enables you to carry things around, very useful!

    • Hello Jane,

      I only have one and actually its incredibly useful. I only use it upstairs. As well as keeping me vertical is very good for leg stretching exercises. At the mo there is no need for a basket.

      One day I will end up putting a pair of socks across the front but until then I will retain a positive attitude about it.


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