Its when the unexpected happens

Its when the unexpected happens

Its when the unexpected happens

Its when the unexpected accident happens. Inevitably I get stressed and this feeling lasts for a couple of hours. When I am feeling fragile it does not take much to tip me over the edge. Most of the time I’m as tough as old boots.

Its when the unexpected happens

The problem is the MS. My memory and sense of balance are the usual causes. Sometimes I fall over or lose something. It starts off as a series of little things. Taken as individual incidents they are trivial. Put them all together and it’s not good.

A typical bad hair day

I was not feeling on top of the world when I woke up that morning.

Every day I go into town on my mobility scooter to do food the shopping. On this occasion I had to come back because I had left the shopping list behind.

Then my mobile rings

I’m in the supermarket and The Wife tells me to add more fruit to the shopping list. The call ends, I put the phone back in my pocket the list in a safe place but I forget about the pen.

I get home after the shopping

The Wife says “Did you remember to check the shopping list. I really needed the extra fruit?”

“No I didn’t, I forgot” I mutter as I unpack the shopping.

“Didn’t you check the list”

“I forgot” blaming my shocking memory on the MS.

Then “Where’s the pen you took?”

Now frantic checking of my pockets and bags but to no avail. Another failed shopping trip!.

I need to chill out

I go into the garden after the traumatic shop. I turn around without holding onto something and I lose my balance.  When the side of my head hits the ground I somehow hurt my ear and it starts to bleed.

I must get back onto my feet

There is nothing I can use to help me. I crawl across the AstroTurf and patio until I get to the garden table that I can use it to help me stand on my feet.

I sit down at the garden table

Without realising it I find myself quietly sobbing, feeling useless, pathetic and a liability. I hope no one sees me.

I can cope with one of two of these setbacks but put them all together and it’s a disaster.

I’ve always been a bit accident prone but it has got worse recently and the added emotional fragility only makes it worse. Some people call this stress. I feel utterly useless

unexpected accident, sense of balance, fall over, lose something, utterly useless, stand on my feet

4 responses to “Its when the unexpected happens”

  1. Judy says:

    Sending you my best wishes! Be well. – Judy

  2. peter hider says:

    Just enjoy, no stress, stay loose…Peter.

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