Long handled Leaf Collector

Use the Long Handled Lead Collector to keep the lawn and patio clear of fallen leaves and you will not even need to bend over.

Long handles leaf collector

Long handled leaf collector

The two large plastic grabbers

It makes collecting fallen leaves, cut grass and other garden debris easy. The design of the two large flat scoops makes the removal of garden rubbish so much easier. The soft grips on the scissor action handles give a better grip and using the leaf collector or garden grab is much easier. The design helps you to remain standing on your feet and eliminate the need to bend over.

The inevitable autumn job

The task of clearing fallen autumn leaves suddenly becomes a whole lot easier.

Helps with posture

Picking up leaves, grass cuttings or other debris almost always involves bending over. This is painful if you have a bad back, arthritis or problems with your spine. Bending over with this collector is completely unnecessary. In fact the design will help you to maintain a good posture while you work

A quick review

  • The long handled leaf collector is light and robust.
  • This gardening tool is comfortable and easy to use
  • Using long handled leaf collector makes the garden tidier
  • Working in the garden is very satisfying, its gets you out doors.
  • Makes light work of a tedious task especially if you have a bad back

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Customer comments

  • This is a brilliantly designed grabber
  • This excellent contraption made light of contending with the autumn leaf fall.
  • Because of back and wrist problems, I’d about given up on certain garden chores. No excuses now. I pick up cut grass, leaves, trash that’s blown into the garden
  • have been using it already to great effect as i have arthritis in my spine and now don’t need to bend to gather clippings
  • have a spine condition and arthritic knees, this year has been the first year i have been unable to tend to my garden

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