Mobility challenges

MS is not a good disease and many sufferers have difficulty getting around. Shall we call these mobility challenges?

We are all different

Each MS sufferer has a unique set of problems the usual culprits are walking, mobility and balance. There are plenty more problems in case you were wondering. Here are some of my problems and coping strategies.

I have been suffering from MS since 1972. I do not use a wheelchair, but mobility is my big challenge. Now I am medically retired because of the mobility, balance and energy challenges.

I am talking about my problems of walking and moving around. I cannot drive because MS has affected my vision. Not being able to drive is a very inconvenient but I do try to man-up to the problem. It is something we al, take for granted.

Mobility challenges

Mobility challenges

Other people add to my challenges

Falling over because of my atrocious balance is a permanent problem. People will always leave things lying around, so careless of them. I walk very slowly and I need help such as a walking stick or rollator.

What’s difficult to grasp is that MS is different for everyone.

The black braces you see in the video are part of my MuSmate. It is an elastic device to left my foot off the ground when walking. It has been replaced by an FES, an electrical device that stimulates the muscles. Much better because you are walking in a more natural way

The video was taken in the summer of 2014 by Jon Whycer

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