Mug with two handles

mug with to handles

Mug with two handles

The white Mug with two handles is designed to help people be independent. Now a person can drink without the need to use a plastic mug or straws. If you have problems then this might just help you. Another idea is the Handsteady mug, ideal if yiu have a tremor

Improves quality of life

The two large handles help to provide a secure grip. The two handles make the mug easy to hold and gives the user confidence. It is ideal for people who suffer from a tremor, shaky hands or a poor grip. It would also help people who have Parkinson’s or MS.  The two handled mug will improve the quality of life for the user. Equally important is the ability to retain your dignity when using the mug

Its nothing special, just got two handles

The two handled mug has got a 280 ml capacity, equivalent to 10 fl oz or half a pint. It can be washed in a dishwasher and used in a microwave. Now is the time to buy a Mug with two handles.

The Contigo Autoseal travel mug is ideal if you are doing a lot of travelling and you want to take a hot drink or cold drink with you.

Customer Comments

  • It has proved ideal for an elderly relative who needs both hands to steady his cup.
  • It’s light, but good quality. Handles are comfortable to use.
  • It’s still clearly an adult mug and as it says in the title enables my Mum to retain some dignity.

Now is the time to buy a Two handled mug.

2 responses to “Mug with two handles”

  1. QUINN says:

    i would like to buy two mugs and have them sent to SPAIN

    • Hello Quinn,

      I only review items, I do not sell them. I suggest you go to and then click the Spain tab. Once in Amazon put in Spanish description for a two handled mug.

      Hope that helps.


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