My first job interview since 2012

My first job interview since 2012

Wordmap of job skills wanted at interview

Recently I received an email from a charity that wanted to interview me for a zero hour contract position. I have advanced multiple sclerosis and I cannot walk unaided which I disclosed on the application form. This was going to be my first job interview since 2012. My MS blew the last one in 2012 then I took medical retirement.

Not a good start

This interview was only a few miles away in the next town. I asked The Wife to drive me there. I knew this would eliminate the stress of catching a bus and then getting cold riding The Trike. We arrived for the interview half an hour early. Neither of us could see the name of the organisation on any of the single story buildings in the little square.

My first job interview since 2012

Google maps however was quite insistent; it told us “You have arrived at your destination”.

We checked the local streets in case there was another entrance but, no, we always ended up back in the same place. “Hold on, I have a mobile number.” I told her. “I must ring it and tell the interviewer I have arrived then I can also check the location”. I rang the number but no one answered. Instead I had to leave a message on the answer phone. By now twenty minutes of my ‘spare’ time had disappeared.

The Wife realised I was getting stressed

She spotted someone through a window so she knocked on the glass and explained the problem. The person said she would get somebody from the charity to come out and meet me. Meanwhile I tried the phone number again but the same result. By now it was time for the interview to start but I was still outside the building in the car.

A couple of minutes later someone emerged from a building and indicated to me that I was to follow him. He explained the company was in the process of moving into the building and that was why there was no company name-plate on the wall outside.

PHEW, right place but in no state to do myself justice at an interview.

I didn’t get good vibes

My first job interview since 2012

The interviewer did not engage with me or make me feel relaxed. Needless to say I didn’t get the job.

In the rejection letter there was no mention of the problems finding the building, lack of company name-plate or that my phone calls were not answered. It was just a bog-standard post-interview rejection email. I did eventually receive a small apology from the interviewer about their ineptitude but I had to ask more than once.


This interview was with a charity that runs ‘wellness’ courses for disabled people. Why did the telephone number go straight to an answer phone? Why was there nobody looking out for me before the interview? Interviews are stressful for anyone; even worse if you are disabled.

My daughter said “Dad. You’ve done well to dodge that bullet; charities like this one should do a lot better”.

I felt this was a car-crash interview. What are your feelings?

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9 responses to “My first job interview since 2012”

  1. SoCal Allison says:

    Had similar case happen. Aced resume & phone interview with manager. Then met nonprofit’s ED, CFO & manager in person. All my good points went down the drain as the interview focused on those that were not “the fit” they were looking for. Granted me the time, but it was me chasing the squirrel around & around. They never posted who got the job & took the staff listing off their website. AND it was for a senior medically-disabled – related nonprofit. My walker & cane threw them off. In retrospect, I see the place was toxic & would have made my health worse. But it was quite disheartening at the time. Take heart! It does get better! There ARE good “fits” out there for us all! Just takes time & that open door with the extended hand of real welcome!

    • Hello Allison,

      Like me you have got good bits out of a disheartening process. I have put the event behind me but I was angry at their incompetence New opportunities will crop up, I have no doubt


    Well dodged!

  3. Several people wanted to know what feed back I received.

    Here is the email

    I hope you are well. Following your request for feedback I thought I would get in touch with you via e-mail.

    Firstly, I would like to acknowledge your feedback on your feelings about the interview and apologise for any inconvenience caused. As was explained on the day the college have recently moved into new premises and therefore have no staff on reception. I will feedback your comments to the college team leader. I should also say that despite this the interview was still allowed an appropriate length of time as with all candidates.

    In terms of feedback I should start by saying that you evidenced some strengths during your interview and it was lovely meeting you.

    In terms of feedback, overall it was felt that you did not meet all of the essential role criteria we use a scoring system during interviews and although you scored adequate scores in some areas this was not the case for all.

    Although you showcased a range of knowledge and skills it was felt that some of this was not wholly relevant to this post and could be strengthened in some areas. It was felt that you were clear, honest and showed a good level of communication skills, so I feel it is important to note this.

    Alongside this we had a strong pool of applicants in order to draw from on this occasion and the final decision came down to candidates meeting our scoring thresholds.

    After taking all information into consideration from both your application and interview there was a majority vote by the panel that you were not the right candidate for the role. That said this should not deter you for applying for any future roles within the …

    My opinion
    This is a very binary (YES/NO) way to approach the process.How many times did you read ‘Could do better’ in a school report.

  4. Joanne says:

    Sounds like their loss not yours!

  5. Eileen says:

    Your daughter’s is right Patrick. Why would you or anybody want to work for such a disrespectful, unprofessional so called charity.

    Their loss.

    And so disappointing for you.

    Warm fuzzies


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