Now it is the boredom since lock down started

Now it is the boredom since lock down started

It is the boredom that gets me down

11/05/2020 Its now over 7 weeks since the Covid19 lock down started, boredom is definitely hovering on the perimeters of my life. Retaining focus and motivation are getting harder. Over the years me and MrsB have developed a good coping strategy and mutual understanding but these are unusual times. We are both stressed and frustrated by the lack of opportunity. When is it going to end? It’s the frustration of not being able to do simple ordinary things that is the hardest part.

Every day is the same

The days have slithered past at an ever-increasing speed. One day morphs into the next. The days are too similar. Blink and its another week written off. I get up when my alarm goes off, but it is the same sound every day. Should I set 7 different alarms each one with a different tune?

Face-to-face conversation

How can you have a face-to-face conversation in the street when you must be 6 feet apart? I saw a friend on Saturday morning in the queue at the bakers as I was leaving. A conversation when you are 6 feet apart is not easy, remember there are 2 other people you do not know who can hear every word. Instead we smiled at each other, rolled our eyes and I whizzed away on The Trike. What a weird life we are leading.

What is important

My life is busy yet lacking a focus. I do not binge Netflix. The dreaded restless legs always kick-in after two hours of sitting down and watching TV.

Here is a thought process that I go through most days.

“What should I do next? There is so much to do. I could tidy up the garden, write a blog, play on-line bridge?”

“No, you must work through your ‘to-do list”.

“Can’t find it”.

“I know what I’ll do instead, I’ll read yesterday’s newspaper”.

Unexpected events

For my own protection I have decided to self isolate, so my life exists in the house and garden. Life is too predictable, every day is almost the same. It revolves around food. Me and MrsB talk endlessly about preparation, cooking and consumption. I do take my walker out and roll the wheels for about 40 minutes every day. Also I talk to the plants in our small garden and even take pictures of them. None the less life is repetitive and monotonous. I am craving a new and planned  event .

Life is settling down

I have grown used to queues outside every shop. Communication is only possible between existing friends and family using social media. What will I do with more freedom and do I want to exercise more than once a day? Will I ever be able to use public transport to go up to London? When will the MS clinics reopen?

What next?

I must stop boredom taking over my existence, my life needs a purpose. Find an activity which adds meaning to MY little life.  This pandemic prevents me doing what I want to do, instead it encourages doing nothing. I need to put on my thinking cap, get motivated. Watch this space.

Oh yes I must setup a different alarm sound for each morning. Should I put it on my ‘to-do’ list?

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