Pill Press

PillPress,or Pill Remover for Blister Packs,  is a very handy device when you have to remove pills from a blister pack. It comes in a Pack of 3

Pill remover for blister packs

Makes getting pills from

Over 90% of all pills sold over the counter and by prescription are now dispensed in Foil Blister Packs. PillPress,or Pill Remover for Blister Packs, is a unique innovative product that solves this frustrating problem. It turns a tricky job into a much easier task

I am finding it more difficult to get a pill out of a blister pack as my coordination and feeling in my finger tips deteriorates. Each night I have to get pills out of of 5 different blister packs, big pills are easy but its the small ones that give me trouble.

I’ve got clumsy hands

I find fiddly jobs increasingly more difficult. Getting pills out of a blister pack can be very fiddly. I have realized that a Pill Press is just sort of thing I need. Quite simply it makes my life easier.

A great help

  • If you suffer from Arthritis or other forms of muscular weakness in your hands and finger joints then this will be very helpful.
  • Anyone with Stroke, Paralysis or Visual Impairment can also find handling small pills a problem.
  • The PillPress,or Pill Remover for Blister Packs It is designed with a cup to contain the pills as they are pressed out of the blister pack, so no chance of them accidentally rolling onto the floor
  • Essential if you only have one hand

Buy a PillPress now, it will make getting pills out of a blister pack so much easier.

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