Quality of Life

Call it the general well-being of an individual.

Quality of Life, so oftem its a Yes, No

Quality of Life, so often its a Yes or No

Quality of life is a barometer of the mind

How much do you enjoy each day? Do you have a reason to get up in the mornings? Do you look forward to tomorrow or do you wonder how you are going to get through these moments?

My quality of life is a barometer of my mental state. In 2011 I was going through a tough period with my work. When I secured a contract it was never extended and sometimes it was cut short. I was too focused on trying to earn an income to understand why these things were happening. During the periods when I was out of work I became depressed, irritable and my quality of life went downhill.

My quality of life

Its September 2012, I believe that I have a reasonably good quality of life. I life in a good house, my family are very considerate, I eat well, I get out and about and do things that I enjoy. On the other hand we still have a mortgage and now I have no income. Mortgage and no income, these are time bombs that are ticking away and could ruin my quality of life. I do have plans that could defuse these stress bombs.

What helps me to have an enjoyable quality of life?

Healthy food

At home we cook almost all our food using raw ingredients. OK they are bought from the local supermarket but I have neither strength nor space to grow my own. If only I had an allotment, the food we eat would have even more flavour. I am very lucky, I enjoy cooking. Creating a dish of food that everyone enjoys, it always makes me feel more relaxed.


When I coached rugby to the mini teams, under 7 to under 12, the phrase ‘Use it or lose it’ was used to make the boys pass the ball. The same applies with exercise even if you are disabled. We have two legs so use them whenever possible. If you are physically disabled then at the very least do regular stretches. Make that extra bit of effort to take regular exercise, you will feel better.


It is important to engage in a conversation. It is an opportunity to talk and learn new skills. I play bridge twice a week, it is a way to meet people. Talking about films I’ve seen, music I have heard. Don’t be shy, reach out and make the effort to build a social life.

 Sense of Humour

Discover what makes you laugh, what you find funny and what makes you happy. Laughter makes you feel better. A sense of humour allows you to see the ridiculous.


How do other people see you? Is there a smile on your face or do you look grumpy. When you meet people do you let them talk or do you smother them with your problems? Conversation is a two way process.

Mental health

Friends and family are much better judge of your mental health than you are. You will always think you are perfectly normal when in fact you might be stressed, grumpy or even bad tempered. You can do things to ensure that your life is good and on an even keel but do not be afraid to ask the opinion of people you trust.

Make sure there is a tick next to these 6 elements of your life. I do struggle with some of them. The more ticks you have then so your quality of life improves.

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