Safe Return Of My Travelscoot

I am a member of Berkhamsted Speakers club, it meets on Tuesday evenings; I go to the meetings using my Travelscoot.

Safe return of my Travel scoot

Please, please return my Travelscoot 

After the the meeting had finished on Tuesday 9th June I went outside to ride it home but my Travelscoot was nowhere to be seen. It had disappeared. I looked again and it still was not there! I knew it was too far to walk home, someone very kindly gave me a lift home.

Late Tuesday evening

Well no good sitting around at home getting depressed, it had to be found. Barby drove around the town looking in the car parks but no joy. Then we posted entries onto various Facebook sites and posted Tweets onto Twitter. Tried to stir Social Media. Everyone was incredibly sympathetic but no one had seen it. By this time it was midnight so time for bed.


Straight back onto the Social Media sites. Still no one had seen it. Initially I thought it was taken by joyriders but when I heard that a woman in Hemel had also lost her mobility scooter I decided it had been stolen to order. Not much time to do anything on Wednesday, we had tickets to see Death of a Salesman in London and had to leave at noon. We used a wheelchair instead of my trusty scooter. Well the play was fantastic as was the restaurant we ate in afterwards. All I really wanted though was the safe return of my Travelscoot.

Safe return of my Travelscoot

Lots of people Liked my posts on Social Media

Back home that night

More scouring of the Social Media but no sightings were reported. Lots of ‘Likes’ but nothing positive. Reality that I really had lost my Travelscoot was starting to hit home. Bummer, bummer, bummer.

Thursday morning

By now I was feeling down in the dumps. Using the wheelchair in London on Wednesday had taken more out of me than I had thought. I did not get up until 10.30 I was not motivated, I had no inspiration and I just wanted stay in bed. All I wanted was the safe return of my Travelscoot

Thursday lunchtime

Meg, my elder daughter, phoned up and said she had heard that the scooter was in some allotments only 400 yards from home. Barby went to look and returned empty handed. A policeman then came round who took details of the theft so I would have a crime number when making an insurance claim.

Safe return of my Travelscoot

The Travelscoot

Friday teatime

About half an hour after the policeman had taken down all the details and left the house the phone rang. I picked it up and a woman whose voice I did not recognise said ‘My son has found your mobility scooter, where do you live and we will bring it round’. I was staggered. Fifteen minutes later they were ringing the front door bell. Mother holding the scooter and her son holding the battery. Apparently he was on the meadow talking with his brother when he saw some people throw the Travelscoot into the allotments.

Power of social media

A friend alerted him to information on Facebook that my daughter had shared about a missing Travelscoot in Berkhamsted. She spoke to him, confirmed the details and that resulted in the phone call. Several hours later and I am still pinching myself. Yes the scooter really was nicked by joyriders and it has been returned to me. The people who returned it to me were really pleased to see my pleasure and I was really thrilled that they had found it and returned it to me.

Some stories really do have a happy ending. Can you beat this one?

7 responses to “Safe Return Of My Travelscoot”

  1. Robert Chase says:

    Thank you for sharing your article. And I enjoyed reading your article. It’s really so informative. My father always likes to travel but with age, it has now become very difficult. So, would like to purchase such kind of scooter on which my father can travel wherever and want without anybody’s help.

  2. These days I use a ‘Kryponite’ lock to tether it to something secure and then I take the battery with me

  3. Amy Cullimore says:

    When renewing my TravelScoot insurance this year I decided to read the policy in more depth. I discovered the insurance won’t cover for theft unless it’s locked up. I now have a good strong bike lock.

  4. Oh dear. This is something that worries me about my TravelScoot. Did you use a bike lock? The lightweight makes them easy targets.
    Glad you got it back. Miles

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