Some things I simply do not see 

Some things I simply do not see

Look carefully between the bricks

Vision is a bit of a mystery to me at times. Some things I can see perfectly well and some things I simply do not see. I know my vision is not 20/20 🙁 I always have to wear a pair of  glasses, I even have special reading glasses.

Some things I simply do not see 

I have chronic double vision, for that I blame the MS fairly and squarely. It is so bad that I have to cover up one eye when reading a book or the paper.

Is this optic neuritis?

Getting around places that I have been to before is easy. It is new places that I find difficult and the biggest problems are signposts. Poor peripheral vision is another of my MS problems. Sometimes the sign posting is rubbish and erratic or sometimes there are too many of them. The wife says it is my poor peripheral vision plus I do tend to panic.

Has this ever happened to you?

You are driving along following signs to a town. You come to a roundabout and the signs to the town disappear. Is it a left turn, straight on or turn right? OK these days the satnav is a big help. This is not a peripheral vision problem. Signposts to a town or village in France can just suddenly stop and then start up again.

Walking round railway stations can be difficult for me especially on the first visit. Only too often the signs to the lift or the disabled loos are tiny and somehow blend into the background. If you miss a sign to turn left or right the only solution is to back track.

Stratford and Stratford International train stations

This week I had to negotiate these two train stations in London. At one point I went through a ticket barrier and nearly found myself going down the escalator on my mobility scooter, no laughing matter.  Eventually I found the lift. I had to ask someone. It was tucked away in a corner immediately after the barrier and no obvious sign pointing to it.

Negotiating Kings Cross and London Bridge tube stations on a mobility scooter for the first time is a nightmare. Eventually you  your way through but you have to ask a member of the underground staff so often.

So can people please make signs to lifts or loos more obvious and please don’t start signposting something,  get bored and then stop.

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