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Omron HJ005 Step Counter is useful if you are physically disabled but mobile and want to know how active you are. The Omron step counter keeps a record of the number of steps you walk.  Regular exercise is important, not just to be physically fit, using your muscles will keep keep your bones strong.

Exercise is important

The chances are that you do not take enough exercise.  Exercise keeps your bones strong. If you are physically disabled then its fairly likely that you do not take enough exercise. I know I am guilty of this

I ought to make the effort to walk more. A consequence of not enough exercise is that your bones become weaker and more brittle. If or when you have a fall there is now a bigger chance you could beak a bone.

Step counter

It’s recommended that you should take at least 10,000 steps each and every day to stay healthy and help to prevent against a variety of health conditions. I know I don’t and to make matters I am described as a frequent faller.

  • Motivates you to take regular exercise
  • Simply clip this easy to use pedometer to your waist and you’re off! It really is as simple as that.
  • It is discrete
  • Omron Step Counter will count your steps and giving you an accurate insight into just how active you really are.
  • This step counter features large numbers that are easy to read. It is also extremely easy to use with one simple reset button.
  • Set the counter to zero each morning and it will register every move.

Life can get in the way

It’s not always easy to find the motivation to get up and exercise. The Omron Step Counter is so easy,it slips into a pocket and counts your steps. It will encourage you to walk up the stairs instead of using the lift. It will encourage you to walk rather than to drive.  Go for a stroll to achieve your daily step goal.

Taking exercise is important

Buy an Omron Step Counter now and see how active you really are. Try to remember that exercise is enjoyable as well as a form of insurance.

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