Stumble fall crunch and wallop

Stumble fall crunch and wallop

Best evaluator ribbon from Toastmater club

Monday evening

We had finished watching episode 5 of Line of Duty. No spoilers I promise. Program finished and we were done. All that was left was to clear up the room and toddle off to bed. The Wife had taken the glasses through to the kitchen. All I had to do was switch off the lights and shut the door. Easy peasy lemon squeesy.

What could go wrong?

People with drop foot have a lousy sense of balance. Closing the door is a simple process ninty nine times out of a hundred. This time I had to move the door stop out of the way before shutting the door. I bent down to pick up the door stop but I was thinking about something else. Silly idea!

A 62 year old bloke cannot multi task. How many times has The Wife said “Only do one thing at a time”?

Stumble fall crunch and wallop

Instead of just picking up the door stop and moving it I kneeled down before lifting it up.  Kneeling down then turned into a stumble.

Now it was too late. I had momentum. The stumble turned into a fall.

Crunch as I fall into the door.

Wallop as I slam the door into the television screen.

It really was stumble, fall, crunch and wallop.

“Are you alright?” The Wife shouts from the kitchen when she hears the commotion.

“Yes” I tell her. “Nothing broken” is added as an afterthought.

Tuesday evening

I go out to a Toastmaster’s club meeting. Get back feeling very pleased with myself because I had won ‘Toastmasters Evaluation’ ribbon

I’m greeted with “Remember your fall last night. I think we have a broken TV screen. I’m so cross”.

She added “ You’ve got to get someone round to look at it”.

The wife didn’t ask me how the evening went. I felt a bit deflated.

Stumble fall crunch and wallop

Fine image on the screen

Wednesday arrives

The friendly TV geek comes round. He turns on the television and immediately says “Screen bust, what did you do to it?”

I explained what happened. He showed me where the door handle broke the screen. It’s so obvious. “Not worth repairing. You’ve got’a get a new one”.

What I really like is that he tells us how it is. No messing.

I phone The Wife. “Well get another one” she barked.

“Do you know much it’s going to be?”

“Don’t care, just get another one”.

I order a replacement

No delivery slots until next week. I spoke to the TV geek and he will fit the TV onto the wall support and tune it after delivery.

So episode 6 of Line of Duty must wait until we get back from our holiday. We might just have to watch episode 5 again to remember the finer points of the plot.

We must fit a door stop, it will be a small investment. OK, so I’m shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted; have you got a better idea?

May 2017


6 responses to “Stumble fall crunch and wallop”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Broken arm? So easy to do….. by tripping on my pyjama leg. The A and E doctor tells me that this is very common but that the commonest cause of arm fractures is tripping on trailing bedclothes/duvet covers. Early mornings, emerging sleepy-eyed to face the day, are clearly a danger zone. Who knew?!

    • Hello Kathleen,

      I for one did not know that jim-jams or bedding could be such a hazard. I must tell my MS consultant, he is always asking me when I last fell, now I can tell him about this potential bone crunching hazard

  2. Richard Leakey says:

    My foot drop causes similar excitement. Three months ago Angela was upstairs with the grandson when the phone rang. ‘Have you got it’ says the wife shouting. ‘Yes’ I said and lunged towards the phone tripping over the rug in my haste and hitting the heavy Victorian sideboard with my ribs. I was off golf for six weeks. Then one evening quite late whilst watching the TV, I nipped into the kitchen during the adverts to get a bottle of Dry Ginger to add to my whisky. On the return journey I tripped over a rug and went headlong into the dining room table and chair and hit my forehead right between the eyes and cut the bridge of my nose and also crunched my ribs on the other side resulting in another month’s golf layoff. Since then the wife has removed the rugs in the dining room and I have not paid out £755 for a senior membership on 1st May but am looking at buying a boot scooter for holidays and for bird watching trips. We are also trying to sell the house to downsize! Cheers

    • Hello,

      MS is a learning curve. Basically a moments inattention leads to an accident. If looking for a boot scooter then give the Travelsccoter some thought. Also think about the Di Blasi or the Luggie

  3. Selina Boyce says:

    It’s usually BECAUSE the horse has bolted that you learn to shut the door – I’m just pleased it was the TV and not your head which took the battering……I would hate for your blog to stop!

    I hope you managed to see episode 6 – very exciting, though I’m still a bit confused by who did what to whom and why.

    Selina at Newmarket

    • Hello,

      Always relieved after a fall to realise that there have been no permanent injuries but one day …

      TV Geek in fitting TV and then showing us how it works and then we can watch episode 6. Delays because we took a break to Barcelona. Read about my exciting times in next blog.

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