Sunny day in Winter

As usually happens in January there have been endless days when the sky has a uniform greyness.

A sunny day in winter

A sunny day in winter

Blue sky and sunshine are a rare sight; sometimes the sky is clear at sunrise but within an hour or so grey cloud is present from horizon to horizon.

Dreary weather goes on and on

If you are really unlucky it starts to rain in the afternoon, it turns wet and windy. Winter weather is grim plus January feels like the longest month of the year, the dreary weather goes on and on and on.

When will it end?

I had a New Year Resolution ‘the glass will always be half full’. The year is only 10 days old and already I see glasses that are half empty. I’m sure it’s all connected to the weather. The quantity of rain that has fallen in the last three to four weeks has been exceptional. Impossible to avoid pictures of flooded roads, towns, fields and goodness knows what else. And every day the papers say there is more to come.

Will I be more cheerful?

As well as the rain there have been the storms. Of course when you go out the cold damp wind makes you feel miserable, even worse if it’s raining: it makes me feel depressed. I need a bit of sunshine, some blue sky; it always makes me feel better and more cheerful.

Yes I can be more cheerful

Then quite suddenly we get a day like Friday 10 January, blue sky all day. I was given a lift to a networking meeting, starting at 8 in the morning by Angus. He lives round the corner and we have struck up a good friendship in the last year. As we drove through Gadbridge, an area of Hemel Hempstead, we could see the mist lying in the valley. The sun had started to rise and there was not a cloud in the sky.

Memorable start to the day

This sounds a bit of a cliché but it really did catch the eye. Should have stopped to take a picture, bit difficult though as I did not have my camera with me. If nothing else it was a memorable start to the day.

Clear and sunny all day

Although we could not stop to look at the view across Hemel what we did see was spectacular. At the 4Networkig meeting the sunlight was streaming in through the East facing windows. Just to know the sun was shining seemed to give everyone a boost. It remained clear and sunny all day, well for 8 hours and then the sun set

Yes sunshine is good, puts a smile on people’s faces and makes them feel happier, just need a bit more of it

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