The FES has been a life changer

The FES has been a life changer

The FES has been a life changer

An FES was originally fitted over 18 months ago to help my footdrop. There is no doubt the FES has been a life changer. It makes me feel more confident, I have better balance and a definite ‘I-can-do’ feeling. OK so I still need to use a rollator.

The FES has been a life changer

At my last visit in March the physiotherapist at Queens Square neurological hospital supplied some inserts for my shoes. Now my heel was about ½ cm higher. The small simple change reduced the chances of my left knee locking so it would not lock. Who would have thought that such a small change would have a big impact?

10 seconds faster

I arrived for my check-up. As usual there is the timed 25 foot walk with and without the FES. I was about 10 seconds quicker at 37 seconds when wearing the FES as well as taking longer steps. That really shows much it helps me.

During the walk using the FES the physiotherapist noticed something. As I was walking the ball of my foot sometimes dragged on the ground. I have accepted that as another problem of MS and I was going to have to live with it.

Little things

The physiotherapist moved the position of one of an electrode by about 5 cm. She moved it from the fleshy muscles beside the knee-cap to the inside of the leg. OK I should have asked for the names of the muscles but hey I didn’t. Simply changing the position of the electrode means the dragging of my left foot is an ex-problem.

Another good point, the physiotherapists change around. Each different one has suggested ideas and improved my situation. My next visit will be in December.

Its worth the effort

Those of you who have drop foot but have not considered using a FES to make walking easier should give it some serious thought. It is not right for everyone. It also requires a little bit of patience to learn the correct positions of the electrodes

To my mind there is one negative aspect. Each night when I take everything off and put it back on in the morning I am always reminded me that I have got MS Without it I would have to use a wheelchair.

It did work

Just been out for a walk, could not go any further or faster but I hardy dragged my left foot along the ground – well done to the physio.

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  1. Judy says:

    Hey, that’s GREAT!!

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