The glass is half full

I don’t read many blogs, maybe I should. A couple of months ago I wrote an article for the blog Stumbling in Flats, its one of the only ones I regularly read. I took a decision and decided to write something for it and it has just been published, the title is I think the glass is half full, a brief history of the very slow but inevitable progress of my multiple sclerosis.

A glass of water. Is it half full or is it half empty?

A glass of water. Is it half full or is it half empty?

I only managed to piece the whole story of my MS together once I had ‘retired’ inJanuary 2012. It was only then that I admitted I was disabled with an incurable disease. Anyway please read my article and whilst you are there sign up to the blog Stumbling in Flats. Lets hear what you think of it.

Another blog

My New Year’s resolution, curiously enough is also ‘ ‘The glass is half full’. Only too often I find myself seeing the bad and depressing side of things and its time I started to look at the positive side of everything. Strangely enough another blog that I regularly read is the Multiple Sclerosis Research Blog. OK its no easy bed time read but it is stuffed with interesting facts, comments and articles.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Yes it is or not it isn't

Yes it is or not it isn’t

I found a lengthy article on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT. It is reasonably easy to understand and at the end is a smple questionaire that measures your level of depression. Sometime around May 2012 I had a six session CBT course through the National Health Service, I don’t think it helped me at all. After the sixth session the glass was still half empty.

Strategy to survive

The therapist seemed to be more interested in my website than my problems. I probably did not express myself very well, possibly even denying that I had any problems. Looking back I needed a strategy to cope with the slow but steady progress of SPMS, I finised the course empty handed.

I was someone who had always been active. In my mid 40’s things very slowly began to fall apart but I did not really know what was happening. I knew I had MS but very few people had talked to me about it in simple, easy to understand words and help me to develop a coping strategy.  Bladder, mobility and stability were issues that have always caused caused me an enormous amount of grief.

The way forward

Very few people have  ever sat me down and told me anything about MS and how to cope. More importantly no one has ever told me to try and see that the glass is half full. I’m sure that is the way forward.

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