The Website

The Website

There are numerous multiple sclerosis (MS) websites. There are those run by large organisations and there are ones like this one, run by one man and his dog. I hope this one is different and makes you curious. The main aims of the website are to provide two different services. The two main functions are my story or Life with MS and reviews of products that I find useful.

‘Living with MS’

I want to tell you how Patrick, that’s me, lives with Multiple Sclerosis, a chronic illness that is a progressive disability. It’s not just about the daily grind of living with MS. I talk about the good moments as well as the bad moments.

‘Product review’

Living with ms is not a bunch of roses or even a glass of champagne. There are lots of things that can improve the quality of life. some are as cheap as chips and some can be quite expensive. Here are some of the things that I have come across.

As always nothing is quite that straightforward. There are also a few other sections

Last few blogs

I am well aware that it can be difficult to read my posts in a sequential order. This chapter is my last 15 or so posts. When you go to read one of these posts at the very top are the tabs you need to press where you will also find this post.


Over the years I seem to have accumulated a few videos some are some rather self-indulgent vlogs and others have been more professionally shot. They are a mixture of the serious and the irrelevant. Poke around and find out yourself.

Useful links

I think this is self-explanatory.

Search bar

If there is a word or topic that interests you enter into the search bar and see if there are any posts that contain this word.


At the bottom of every post there are some words in blue and underlined if you click on one of these words or tags you will be shown a list of other posts that also have this tag. I know it’s a bit random but hopefully you will find other articles on the same subject.

A little bit of history

This website started life in February 2012. It has changed quite a lot since then. In fact it is continually evolving. Sometimes I do take myself a bit too seriously but at the end of the day I do want you to enjoy this website

Also if you know of other people with MS please tell about this website,

December 2017

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