Time To Make Your Life Easier

Time To Make Your Life Easier

Take the stress out of life

Do you have MS? Don’t you think its time to make your life easier? I should know, I am always trying do it.

What can YOU do so you do not feel fatigued living your life?  Its important to enjoy yourself and have a good quality of life.

Time to make your life easier

I’m my own worst enemy. The number of times I go upstairs, get side tracked, come down stairs and then remember the reason why I went upstairs but it’s too late now. 🙁 Such a waste of effort and very frustrating.

Here is an idea

Write down the things you use regularly. I bet that some of them are stored in awkward places or in the wrong room.  Instead move them to somewhere more accessible. I’m talking about making little changes but they make a difference. This ain’t rocket science.

As the MS takes over your life

The amount of energy available to you year on year will diminish. Your sense of balance could deteriorate. Maybe you already suffer from fatigue and you are getting stressed.

Everything needs to have its place, be easy to find and pick-up.  For me the important place is in the kitchen.

Organize, organize, organize

Is your balance is squiffy? Are you are labelled a ‘frequent faller’, I am. So you need to avoid reaching up or bending down. Rearrange your surroundings so you use less energy.

Only too often I stumble after standing on tip toes trying to retrieve something stored on the top shelf of a cupboard. Bending over is likely to end with me as a heap on the floor. Then I have to struggle back onto my feet

I have to know where everything is kept and it MUST all be easy to reach. The family are slowly changing their habits of a lifetime.

Another idea

Going up and down stairs is not easy for me. We keep a box at the top of the stairs and another at the bottom. I put things in the box and I live in hope that a kind soul will take them upstairs or downstairs. Before you ask, yes the same thing has gone up and down the stairs more than once during the day.

These are just a few really simple ideas. I sure there are many more you can implement. Make your life easier

5 responses to “Time To Make Your Life Easier”

  1. Shiree says:

    All of the above Patrick ?☺.As time goes by and with a little more thought you can adapt to a life with MS.9years on from being diagnosed I’ve learnt to adapted my life and priorities everything do and to do what makes me happy be kind to yourself and everyone around you also benefit.

    • Hello Shiree

      You are right, it is a matter of adaptating to the circumstances. The Wife and I seem to lead lives that are busy, busy busy. Prorities change but we survive. A lot of the basics are correct it is now a matter of finding the kind-to-ourselves times.

      What I always remember is that we are both happy and that counts for an awful lot.

  2. Shiree says:

    All of the above Patrick ?☺. The longer time goes by it does become easier, if you learn how to apply a little more thought in your every move and priorities what do you want and make time for You .

  3. peter hider says:

    All very good advice Patrick.

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