Traveljohn disposable urine bottle

Traveljohn, disposable urine bottle

Traveljohn, disposable wee-weee bag

Imagine you are desperate to have a ‘Jimmy Riddle’ (widdle) or pass urine and there is nowhere to go. The TravelJohn Disposable Urine bottle does the trick when you gotta have a pee. It avoids the problem when you might wet your pants. It can be used by both men and women. Incidentally the Traveljohn disposable urine bottle is often used by campers and people at music festivals.

Traveljohn disposable urine bottle

I think it is a real life saver for people who suffer from poor bladder control and even incontinence People like me who have MS.

Poor bladder control

Imagine being in a car, stuck in a traffic jam and you want to go to the loo. You feel more and more desperate until… now imagine having a ‘Traveljohn disposable urine bottle’.

Urine turns into a jel

Inside each pouch of the TravelJohn Disposable Urine bottle there is a biodegradable substance that stops growth of bacteria in the urine. It does this by absorbing the liquid and turning it into an odourless, spill-proof gel that is waste disposal safe.

Can be used by either sex

The unisex collar makes it easy for anyone to use whether sitting or standing. There is a spill guard to prevent it overflowing during use. The puncture resistant pouch holds 800 ml (28 fl oz). It is very unusual to pee much more than a 455 ml (1 pint or 16 fl oz)

Trouble free and convenient

This item is perfect for situations where a loo is a long way-a-way, typically when camping or at a music festival. It is ideal for people with bladder problems typical in multiple sclerosis suffers.

Taveljohn, disposable urine bottle

Traveljohn, wee-wee bag, suitable for men or women

The contents of the Traveljohn instantly gel after contact with the liquid; the bag is puncture-proof as well leak-proof!

Small and light weight

The bag can be used more than once until it is full. The Traveljohn is palm-sized and compact, making them ideal to store in a tent, car, handbag or rucksack. Remember it is disposable, convenient sanitary, discrete and safe. 

There are two options for the TravelJohn Disposable bag. You can buy either a 3-Pack or a 6 x 3-Pack

Customer comments

  • In a word ‘Awesome’! I haven’t gone to Glastonbury without this item for 3 years on the trot :o) Its a godsend!
  • They turned out to be very easy to use and came with wet wipes to use afterwards
  • Fantastic product – really impressed.
  • This item is great for emergencies and easily used by both men and women in our experience

Buy either a 3-Pack or a  6 x 3-Pack of a TravelJohn Disposable urine bottle

Updated December 2018

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