Vitamin D3

Vitamin D, its the sunshine vitamin.and has several important functions.

Vitamin D3, sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D3, sunshine vitamin

Among other things it regulates the amount of calcium and phosphate in your body. These nutrients are needed to give you stronger bones and help to keep your teeth healthy. Click here to buy Vitamin D3, 5000 IU, Softgels

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Take your vitamin D3

If you have a low level of Vitamin D then taking VitaminD3 supplements is very sensible. It’s thought that a low level of Vitamin D3 is one of of the possible causes of multiple sclerosis. The exact nature of the relationship between this vitamin and MS is still unclear. People who get MS are known to have a low level of Vitamin D3. It has even been suggested that a lack of Vitamin D3 early in childhood or before birth MAY increase the risk of a person developing MS later in life.

The further away from the equator you live the less sunshine is available. The body makes nearly all of its vitamin D as a result of exposure to sunlight. It can be found in some food such as oily fish and egg but this is alone will not provide a sufficient amount.

Exposing your upper body to 20 minutes sunshine everyday is enough to give you plenty of Vitamin D. Obviously if you cover yourself with sun cream that has a high SPF level then you are not getting any benefit from the sunshine. You cannot have too much Vitamin D but the body cannot store it. Adults who are not exposed to enough sunshine should be taking a minimum of 5000IU per day.

Some essential facts

  • Vitamin D3 can reduce the risk of cancer
  • A Vitamin D3 deficiency is associated with many of the Neuro-Degenerative diseases such as MS, Alzheimers.
  • It also helps to keep the bones stronger. Broken bones caused by falls to people over 65 is one of the biggest costs to the NHS.

I could go on for hours talking about the good things associated with Vitamin D but I won’t.

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