Two stories using my Travelscoot

Two stories using my Travelscoot

A Travelscoot battery charger

I have owned a TravelScoot since 2010. Here are two stories using my Travelscoot. Just in case you didn’t know the Travelscoot is the lightest mobility scooter, has a unique design and is practical in so many ways.

Two stories using my Travelscoot

It is known affectionately as The Trike. Everywhere I go The Trike goes with me. Without The Trike I would be a prisoner of the house.

1) Faulty battery charger

Just recently the lithium ion battery charger broke. The battery was on charge but a red light was continually flashing on the charger. This is a warning that the battery is not being charged. I found this out the hard way a couple of years ago.

I immediately telephoned TravelScoot

When I spoke to them they said “We are temporarily out of stock of chargers. We are expecting to receive a new delivery of them in a couple of days. As soon as we receive them we will send you one”.

It is over a week later and I still have not received my replacement charger. In fairness this could be a problem with the postal system.

After the call

I rummaged around in a chest of drawers and luckily I found a spare charger. Phew, now I was able to recharge my rather flat battery. I think the moral of the story is always to have a spare charger. Incidentally I have two batteries but both would be out of charge by now if I had not found the spare charger.

I hope you will always keep a spare charger.

2) Repairing damage

Two stories using my Travelscoot

Joyriders take my Travelscoot

My TravelScoot was taken by joyriders in June 2016 when I was at a Toastmasters meeting.

It doesn’t go very fast so they got bored and threw my precious TravelScoot over a 2 m high hedge into some stinging nettles. A couple of days later it was found and returned to me. If you want to know the full story more then please click here.

Not good

The TravelScoot has never been quite the same since then. A couple of days after it was returned I noticed some damage had been done it The steering colum had been slightly bent. There was nothing I could do about it, I cannot extend it now.

Aluminium welder

The left foot pedal was badly damaged.  The aluminium metal was stressed and fractured. As luck would have it I have bad foot drop in my left leg because of MS.

Three repairs

The first repair was just trying to re-weld the original metal together. That was a bad idea. Another similar attempt lasted for a year. It all started to go pear-shaped again in August 2017

The third repair

This was done using a foot pedal taken from my original Travelscoot. One of the old belt driven models. I upgraded to the new model three years ago (funny how things happens in threes). Luckily I kept the old frame, The Wife was always pestering me to let her take it to the dump.

Fingers crossed

It looks like a professional repair but only time will tell if it is any good. Most important The Trike keeps on rolling and long may it continue. The Travelscoot is a fantastic mobility scooter but make sure you have a backup charger.

Auguust 2017

10 responses to “Two stories using my Travelscoot”

  1. Hi Patrick. Just wondered if you’ve received a new charger? I notice they are out of stock on their website. Had not though about how stuck I’d be without a charger. They are expensive though!

  2. Sue Doughty says:

    Have you tried taking it to your local car repair place, or Halfords? They would be very helpful and have the equipment and tools required.

  3. trudi says:

    I have a travelscoot that I want to sell. can’t use because legs lazy. what to do?

    • Hello,

      Judging by your email address you live in South Africa. You could try advertising it on or or In the UK the Travelscoot does hold its value. There might be a suitable Facebook page, Beyond that I do not have much to offer.

      I have successfully sold ones through this website but 90% of the readership is basedin either UK USA and there is the problem of delivering it to a UK buyer.

      I hope that has given you a few ideas

  4. Jane Cant says:

    Hi Patrick
    All the best for the walk tomorrow will be thinking of you

  5. Judy says:

    Good story and very useful information!

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