A Simple Decision Every Morning

A simple decision every morning

Which colour socks today?

There are decisions I must make every day from the moment I wake up. I have to make a simple decision every morning when I get dressed. The result depends upon the mood I am in, how I feel when I wake up. It is my decision and it affects me for the rest of the day. Most blokes would be horrified that this is an important decision. It is only a reflection of my mood when I get out of bed.

A simple decision every morning

Some decisions are life changing. Some are solved by a combination of good fortune and luck. Some are easy decisions such as do I go need to go the loo.

The problem could not be simpler

The decision is, what colour socks am I going to wear today? Let me make this quite clear. I am not in the least bit fashion conscious.

The Wife has to approve the clothes I wear when we go out. I do not know what colours can go with other colours. I am the opposite of a fashionista. What could I be called, a fashionurk or a fashionoike.

I suspect you think I am nuts

No one goes around looking at the socks that a bloke wears. I certainly don’t. I suspect most men wear slightly boring socks.

So I have about 12 to 15 pairs of socks ranging in colour from blue to green to yellow to beige even pink. To me the colour I chose is important because it reflects my mood. It is my decision and I know it affects me for the rest of the day.

A simple decision every morning (1)

The great sock in the sky

There is one problem with this idea

What happens if I lose one of the socks, well that’s too bad. If its more than one do you wear two different coloured socks? At the moment I have about 6 socks that have lost their partners. Umm I can see difficult choices coming up.

Where is this great sock in the sky?

How many odd socks can be matched up to make pairs of socks?

There is one thing that I can say with complete confidence. This clothing idiosyncrasy has nothing what so ever to do with multiple sclerosis. Nor is it a feeble and pathetic attempt to be fashionable. It is just my way of making myself feel happier.

July 2016

7 responses to “A Simple Decision Every Morning”

  1. Beverley says:

    Hi Patrick really go crazy and wear one of each colour. I wear different earrings in each ear. I see people look but no one says “your wearing different earrings, do you realise?” Maybe because I have grey hair they think I just forgot.
    The best I have seen on my subject is a woman wearing different colour shoes. Now that is out there.
    Long my you enjoy keep smiling regards Beverley

    • Hello Beverly,

      I do think different coloured shoes is possibly a tad perverse. At the last count I had 10 odd socks. Maybe I will take you up on your suggestion. I bet people will either think it is a fashion statement or be too embarrassed to say anything.

      Watch this space

  2. John Cowburn says:

    Don’t you have a favourite colour? I wore nothing but red socks for 10 years in the 80’s, it was a way of feeling different!

  3. Amber moggie says:

    Colour is a good way of lifting spirits I find. I always always wear bright colours the brighter the better. My husband who is terminally ill is known for his rainbow hand knit socks and his bells. Every time we go to oncology or other hospital appointments everyone smiles at his coloured socks and the tinkling of the small bells attached to his jeans. and that in turn makes him smile and makes the day mch brighter. Keep wearing the bright socks:)

    • Hello Amber,

      Absolutely :-_

      You are quite right, colours make me smile and maybe other people will be smiling at my pink or electric blue socks.

      Good luck to your husband


  4. John Cowburn says:

    Do what I do, it’s an easy solution – buy them all in the same (your favourite) colour. 2 problems solved – one less decision to make and if you lose one it doesn’t matter!


    • Hello John,

      Yea, I know that is the obvious solution but I eenjoy deciding what colour socks I’m going to wear today. That is a decision I alone can take.

      Long may it last,


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