Bath or Shower Locking Suction Cup Handles

Years ago when I climbed into a bath I just knew it is going to be difficult to get out. Then my disease progressed and I needed help with balance and standing up in the shower. The shower is in the bath so I had to climb into the bath first of all. How did I manage? Well I used Bath or Shower Suction Cup Handles. They gave me that vital or extra bit of support. and confidence.Now I use a wetroom with a shower stool

What is so wonderful

The suction handles are easily attached to smooth tiles. Use the suction grip, by pressing down the levers at each end. They are also removed by lifting the levers, this releases the suction. It is so easy to place them in the most convenient position for you.

Bath or Shower Locking Suction Cup Handles

Bath or shower suction cup handles

Bath or Shower Locking Suction Cup Handles

  • Such a simple idea.
  • Place each suction pad fully onto a tile and not on any joins otherwise the suction pad cannot grip when the levers are pressed down.
  • Use these handles on any smooth glossy surface such as a bath or bathroom tiles. Non-porous glazed bathroom tiles with a smooth glossy finish are ideal surfaces.
  • The same technology is used to lift large heavy sheets of glass.

 No tools needed

  • Ideal for travelling.  
  • A single handle or a a pair can easily fit into a suitcase even if travelling by air.
  • Simply release the lever to remove handle.
  • No tools required. The handle works on suction levers, it is very quick and easy to fit.

Click Bath or Shower Suction Suction Cup Handles to buy from Amazon I use them in the shower at home, one hand to hold on and keep my balance and the other to wash. Consequently I feel much safer and I cannot lose my balance even when I shut my eyes.


  • Only use the handles on glossy tiles with a smooth finish.
  • Test the suction every time you use them, the suction will inevitably weaken after a few days.
  • Periodically it is a good idea to clean the plastic suction grip.
  • It is very easy to reset or adjust the position of the auction grips.
  • I use the support handles to help with my balance but never support my full weight.

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Comments by customers

  • Saves drilling holes in bathroom tiles 
  • it’s good enough to support your balance while you’re taking a shower 
  • Excellent for use for my disabled mum who struggles in and out of showers when on holiday, compact enough to pop into a suitcase  
  • it gives just enough support for safely getting into shower which is in bath which can be slippy at times

October 2018

3 responses to “Bath or Shower Locking Suction Cup Handles”

  1. Lorraine says:

    what a waste of shipping $ and money for these shower suction handles !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lorraine says:

    The suction handle is terrible. Got to different ones and neither works ))):

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