The Buckingham Bedmadeez tool is an inspiration when you must  change the sheets on a bed.



Bed making is easier. It is a ‘really’ clever product. It provides independence and enables you to do something that was not easy. It is such a simple idea and a very effective product.

Easy bed-making

Make the bed, maybe you need to do a smart hospital fold. With all the lifting, twisting and holding involved, making the bed can be very difficult. You could call it a PAIN! Making the bed today has become increasingly difficult no matter how healthy you are. Putting on clean sheets can involve lifting the mattress to tuck in the sheets and linens. In addition you are bending forward and twisting, this  puts the lower back in its weakest position All this can easily result in strain and even injury to the back. The Bedmadeez tool will help you to avoid this potential injury.

Eliminates repeated lifting

A must for anyone with arthritis or limited dexterity, wheelchair users gain added independence. It is a must for anyone who suffers with pack pain or back strain. Vital if you have a slipped disc.

  • Eliminates Repeated Lifting with a safe, 2″ plateau that holds the mattress in an elevated position while sheets and blankets are tucked in.
  • The Curved Rubberised Handle allows the user to grip the Bedmadeez at a choice of handle positions using one hand, or two if preferred.
  • Smooth & Round Edges ensure no damage to the mattress or bedding. Made of friction resistant, durable polypropylene.

Makes a difficult task easier

Lifting the mattress to fit a ‘fitted’ sheet is not easy. I know I could find it very difficult to change the sheets on a bed without using a Bedmadeez. We have fitted sheets, if I had to do hospital folds it would be impossible.

The Bedmadeez  makes a tricky task into something so much  easier. Buy a Bedmadeez tool to help you make a bed.

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