FCAROLYN silk eye patch

fcarolyn silk eye patch

FCAROLYN silk eye patch

Double vision is a huge hidden disability for me. In April 2015 it reached a critical point. My optician could no longer correct the problem using prisms in my glasses.  I then discovered the FCAROLYN Eye Patch. The FCAROLYN silk eye patch is such a good solution for double vision.

FCAROLYN silk eye patch

It slips easily over either lens of my glasses via the arm. The silk eye patch can be used on any type of glasses. It completely eliminates double vision and my eyelashes do not rub against the patch. Both my eyes are open but I’m only able to see through one lens of my glasses. It is very comfortable.

This is an excellent solution

Subconsciously I close an eye, usually my left one especially when using a computer. I don’t even know I’m doing it. When I use the eye patch patch my double vision is completely eliminated and I am not squinting. Equally important the patch does not need a specific glasses frame and it does not cause any discomfort.

Fcarolyn silk eye patch

Fcarolyn silk eye patch

So easy to use

In a matter of seconds I can move the patch from one lens to the other. It is made of silk so there is no scratching to a lens of the glasses. I cannot see what there is not to like of the FCAROLYN silk eye patch solution to double vision.

Double vision is exactly what it says

Seeing two of everything is incredibly tiring and has all sorts of unexpected problems. One big problem is that I am  unable to see anything in fine detail. When it comes to reading I see two pages of words. Originally I thought the problem was with the prescription of my glasses.  I soon discovered looking with a squint. So I looked through one eye and suddenly everything was crystal clear.

Consequences of squinting

Invariably I get a headache as well as eye ache. When I get eye ache I rub my eyes and this only makes the problem worse.

Double vision

Shopping in a supermarket is fraught with problems. Dodging around people when riding on my mobility scooter; I certainly don’t want to drive into people. Reading the shopping list and worst of all entering my pin number when I pay with my credit card unless I can use contactless.

Special glasses

I still use glasses with the magnetic clip-on frame. The FCAROLYN Silk Eye Patch for Glasses can be used on any glasses, this is a very big plus point.

September 2017

A few weeks later

This eye patch has been a great success

2 responses to “FCAROLYN silk eye patch”

  1. John Cowburn says:

    Hi Patrick,

    As you know I also have double vision – vertical in my case. Instead of a patch I just paint the inside of the lens with black acrylic paint, it’s easy to remove should I ever need to and looks good from the outside – black and shiny! John

    • Hello,

      I had forgotten you had double vision. I have to admit that I hate wearing a patch or eye cover outside the house, there is an element of vanity. The problem only really troubles me when using the computer or reading. This patch can easily be slipped on to the glasses and used to cover up either lens. I really do find very useful.

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