HANDYSCOOT™ Lightweight travel mobility scooter

HANDYSCOOT Lightweight travel mobility scooter

HandyScoot™ Lightweight travel mobility scooter

Have you ever thought of buying a HandyScoot™ lightweight travel mobility scooter? Perhaps you are recovering from a medical procedure or maybe you just need help getting around because your walking is not so good these days.  Not all mobility scooters are the same. The purchase of any lightweight travel mobility scooter is a significant investment so think about some key features. Meanwhile take a look at the HandyScoot™.

Weight and strength of the mobility scooter

While some scooter manufacturers brag about being the lightest, they use materials like aluminium to achieve this. HandyScoot™, the Lightweight Travel Mobility Scooter is a premium mobility scooter and is constructed out of heavy-duty stainless steel.  Yet it weighs only 42 lbs with a heaviest part of 29 lbs. Most individuals regardless of their age or sex, can pick up the heaviest part of the scooter quite easily.

Can the scooter handle the weight of the rider?

Many scooters have a 200 – 250 lb. weight capacity.  Buying a scooter rated this low is very risky and can lead to quick failure and possible injury.  Again, HandyScoot™ has an industry leading weight capacity of 350 lbs.

Speed and range of the scooter

Buying a scooter that has a low range (measured in miles between battery charges) may not serve your needs well.  Equally important is overall speed.

Whether you are travelling across a large parking lot or navigating through an amusement park with your family, having your battery last the duration of your trip is essential.  So, what is the right balance between the two?

HandyScoot™ believes that a travel mobility scooter should have a range up to 15 miles and have adjustable speed ranges. The HandyScoot™ offers a top speed of 9 mph.    If you are in a situation where that speed is not needed, HandyScoot™ has two lower speed modes that let you adjust to your environment: 0-3 mph and 0-6 mph.

HANDYSCOOT Lightweight travel mobility scooter

Easy to hold and lift

Collapse and transport the scooter

HandyScoot™ Lightweight Travel Mobility Scooter folds up in less than a minute into 3 easy to handle parts: the frame, Lithium Ion battery and seat.  In addition, the scooter can fit into almost any vehicle.

Lightweight travel mobility scooter

Does the scooter complement your lifestyle? Does it fit through the doorways of your house or on a cruise ship?  How high do you have to lift your leg to clear the scooter centre bar? Does the scooter have enough storage areas to carry your purchases and personal items?  Is it easy to lift and handle?

Look at the features offered by HandyScoot™ Lightweight Travel Mobility Scooter, we believe you will not find a better value in the marketplace.  CHECK IT OUT before buying your lightweight travel mobility scooter.

My thoughts

Every mobility scooter has its pros and cons. This one is very light, easy to fold up and well designed for lifting. The Handyscoot certainly looks impressive but I have not had a chance to ride one.

For more information contact us by calling: (844) 394-4488 or by emailing us at [email protected] or visit our website

Please Note : HandyScoot™ is only available for purchase from the United States.  Current legal restrictions in the United Kingdom and Europe call for a maximum speed limit of 4mph for use on public pavements.

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Feb 2020

7 responses to “HANDYSCOOT™ Lightweight travel mobility scooter”

  1. david says:

    any one selling the scooter in canada?

  2. Selina Boyce says:

    I love your knowledge and reviews of gadgets ….sit-stand chair, handyscoot…..
    Brilliant. Thanks. Selina

  3. John Cowburn says:

    I’ve got a good friend in California who could purchase it for me and then send it on but it would be good to try it first. Pirce seems good – works out at bout £1800!

  4. John Cowburn says:

    with regard to:
    “HandyScoot™ is only available for purchase from the United States. Current legal restrictions in the United Kingdom and Europe call for a maximum speed limit of 4mph for use on public pavements”
    How do you get round this?

    • Hello John,

      This was an article sent to me on spec. I have published it for my American readers and scooter can only be bought in America. Don’t think the suppliers of this scooter have thought of selling it in Europe yet

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