I am all fingers and thumbs

I'm all fingers and thumbs

A sample of the sewing from the trial

Do want to participate in an MS trial? The trial is to evaluate a way to help restore and retain use of arms and hands? It is a simple and fun trial to test manual dexterity and spatial awareness. Full details are shown at the end of this post. I am all fingers and thumbs. So clumsy I am going to take part in the trial and find out if it helps.

All fingers and thumbs

I have previously written on some of my recent problems that are currently getting worse. Writing is difficult for me. Eating spaghetti with a fork ain’t easy either. Rewiring a plug is mission impossible. My fingers are like sausages and my hands are in mittens. Anything that can help me to retain manual dexterity is an excellent idea.

Spikey balls

I use spikey balls every evening and they definitely help. I roll them over my feet with my hands so both feet and hands receive a massage. It definitely tickles but at the same time it is therapeutic and relaxing. My fingers move more freely afterwards.


Spikey balls

I’m not too sure why my feet and fingers feel better but who am I to argue? All I know is it works. I suspect it is something to do with blood supply and stimulating the nerves.

Over & under trial

I digress, so back to the Under & Over trial. The criteria to take part in the trial are shown below. It is conducted on-line, so there is no need to visit a clinic or hospital and it takes about half an hour a day.

Here is the flyer I received with joining instructions for the trial.

Over and under advert ver 1

Contact for further information about the study:

To answer to any further questions or queries please contact the Under & Over Research Team [[email protected]]. To read the participant information and sign up, visit the study website underandover.study (Play the video to find out more).

If any of you do sign up then to this trial then feel free to chat with me.

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February 2021

6 responses to “I am all fingers and thumbs”

  1. Jon Nash says:

    I would like to ask if you don’t mind how u got that flyer please?
    Also how do I subscribe to receiving information about trials?

  2. Annonie Mouse says:

    Is sowing the MS version of sewing? ???

    • Hello Annonie.

      I’m a bloke, I sow seeds in the garden, sewing with a needle is a newish concept and still grappling with it – typo corrected and thanks for pointing it out

  3. Tessa says:

    This is interesting but once you have checked your dexterity or lack of it what remedies are proposed ?
    I don’t need to find out I am deteriorating if nothing can be done

    • Hi Tessa,

      The trial is not trying to prove your level of dexterity. Instead, will the exercises help you to maintain the ability to use your upper limbs. Losing manual dexterity usually occurs once MS has done its dastardly deed on your feet, balance and legs.

      You could always go to an OT who will give you exercises for your hands after dexterity has been checked. I think this is a novel and interesting way of maintaining use of upper limbs.

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