Have you tried using a Knork?

Have you tried using a Knork

KNORK is designed to naturally fit in the hand

I have slowly been losing sensation in the fingers of my left hand since late 2017. Now I am hardly able to twirl spaghetti round a fork. My writing has deteriorated as fine control has ebbed away, it’s now a childish scrawl. I struggle to unscrew the lids off jars and bottles.  This isn’t right so I recently saw an occupational therapist and she said “Try using a Knork”?

What is a Knork?

“Never heard of it” I replied

A Knork is a fork” she said. “It’s heavier than a normal fork and designed to fit naturally in your hand. This makes eating easier.

I picked one up and it felt totally different to the forks we use at home.

She added “It is much easier to hold and you can feel it in the palm of your hand”. She was absolutely right. The sensation of holding the Knork was so different. I was sold on it straight away

Why use a Knork

I love using the Knork because it is designed to fit snugly in my hand and it is very easy to grip. The balance and weight of it is perfect. Trust me if you have difficulty using a traditional fork then try a Knork. You will see exactly what I mean when you use a Knork.

Try using a Knork

The occupational therapist said “Multiple sclerosis is beginning to affect the fine control of the muscles in your hands and finger tips and they are getting tired”.

I explained “I have difficulty writing and using a computer keyboard. For some inexplicable reason a full wine glass can crash land onto the floor. Consequently I need to be extra careful. When I eat more food falls off the fork then goes into my mouth”.

She nodded sympathetically. “The prongs on the Knork are slightly wider and shaped a bit like a spoon. This should make life much easier.

Have you tried using a Knork?

Knorks compared to ordinary forks

Am I satisfied?

I bought a set of four Knorks a few weeks ago and always use one at supper I love the modern design. There is no doubt that eating has now become a so easier. I can even twirl spaghetti round a fork. Better till, it doesn’t look like a piece of children’s cutlery, it’s really quite a stylish piece of cutlery. If you are having problems holding a fork then do give this a try.

The advert says that it is a knife and fork in one but is to cut meat with it.

To buy a set of four knorks click here. I am an affiliate with Amazon so I receive a small commission if you buy an Amazon product through this page.

A useful tip

The occupational therapist also suggested wrapping a short piece of surgical tape round the pen where I hold it. She said the slightly rough surface makes it easier to grip the pen and therefore write more legibly. Surprise, surprise, that works as well.

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One response to “Have you tried using a Knork?”

  1. MC Black says:

    I have some mechanical pencils with a rubber grip of larger diameter than the barrel of the pencil. I find them comfortable to use.
    I believe similar designs are available for ball-point pens – but I don’t have any since my writing is illegible if I use a ball-point pen

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