Topro Troja Rollator

The Topro Troja Rollator is a robust and reliable 4 wheeled walker. It is recommended to many multiple sclerosis sufferers who walk with difficulty and have poor balance. I have advanced MS and suffer from these problems. This rollator is good because it is light as well as robust.

Topro Troja rollator

Topro Troja rollator

It is very easy to close up and open. It can stand on its wheels when folded, see the picture below. There is a seat to sit on when tired and a basket for shopping.

Why buy one?

If your balance is not good and you have an unsteady walk (that’s me) then think about buying a rollator. In the house you can furniture walk, use the walls to bounce off and stop you falling over. This is not such a good idea when you are outside or in shops.

Topro Troja Rollator

Topro Troja Rollator

When closed

It is reliable and robust plus it is very stable. Four wheels are always  better than three wheels especially if you have an unsteady walk. It requires very little space when folded so it is ideal for people who travel or where space is limited. It is very light and yet so easy to get ready for use. No sharp edges that could damage paintwork.

Did you know?

The rollator was  invented by the Swede Aina Wifalk in 1978, it is a frame on wheels wih a basket to carry things and a seat to sit on. A rollator is also known as a wheeled walker

Some of the features

The Topro Troja rollator has some very good features that make it stand out from the crowd. They are not all unique to Topro but when put together it makes it indispensable.

  • Typically Scandinavian in its construction
  • Very reliable brakes, they can be locked into place, essential when sitting on the seat for a rest
  • The basket can carry up to 10 Kg of shopping and there is a waterproof cover for the basket
  • A lever by both the back wheels. Just put either foot on one of them and front wheels lift off the ground. Ideal for getting up  kerbs etc.
  • Very easy to close up and a clip to keep it closed. When closed it stays closed and can be wheeled and does not need to be carried
  • You can hose or steam to clean it.
  • Wear and tear parts can be replace
  • Adjustable brakes

This rollator glides along on solid rubber wheels, it a real pleasure to use. The high quality of the finish, ease of use and overall reliability is well worth the extra investment.

Buy a Topro Troja Rollator now. You will not regret it

Customer comments

  • I have multiple sclerosis so stability is essential. I take it to the shops, go for walks along country paths. My advice is buy it.
  • I have MS and struggle with balance and fatigue, this is light and deceptively strong, a well made and thought out piece of kit
  • High quality product…and it looks good,

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