Joseph Joseph Chop2pot Folding Chopping Board

Chop2Pot Folding Chopping Board

Chop2Pot Folding Chopping Board

Someone gave me a Chop2Pot folding chopping board as a present. I use it whenever I am preparing food to cook. The biggest advantage for me is I use it to transfer food from a large and heavy wooden chopping board to the cooking pot. I am clumsy and moving hot pots and pans between the cooker and a large chopping board is fraught with dangers.

Making it possible

I am physically disabled because of multiple sclerosis, but I really enjoy cooking. I cannot stand on my feet for more than a few minutes and I cannot walk around unless I’m holding onto a 4 wheeled walker with both hands. In the kitchen I use a chair on four wheels which I sit on whenever I am doing any cooking or washing up so I do not need to stand on my feet, its wonderful. The Chop2Pot Plus Folding Chopping Board eliminates so many problems when working in the kitchen.

Chop2Pot Folding Chopping Board

I will use whatever I can find to make my life in the kitchen simpler, safer and easier; it is as simple as that. I use this Chop2Pot Folding Chopping Board because it is light weight and very practical. Using it I can safely transfer food I have prepared for cooking into the casserole dish or the saucepan I am going to use for cooking. Another use, I use it to transfer rubbish on the chopping board into the waste bin.

I use it to transfer food

I move food from my big heavy wooden chopping board onto Chop2Pot. Now I can easily squeeze the soft-to-grip handle so the sides of the board fold up making a chute. Now it is so simple and easy to tip the food into the cooking pot. All the time I am safely sitting on my chair with wheels.

Just love this chopping board

There is no more dropping stuff everywhere in between chopping and moving it to the pot. Less mess makes life much easier for me. Also it’s simple to clean by hand or it can be put into the dishwasher.

I like the eye in the handle of the Chop2Pot Folding Chopping Board so I can hang it from a hook. I can therefore find it very easily.

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  1. Nees says:

    I am interested to know what chair you have in the kitchen. I, too, can’t stand for very long although I don’t have MS. I’m just old and decrepit! Presumably your chair is higher than a dining chair.

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