Just another little fall

Just another little fall

Just another little fall

In the kitchen I must use a stool on wheels. The Wife and I were cooking supper last Sunday and everything was getting a bit fraught. Not enough pairs of hands to prepare everything. I moved forward on my stool but a wheel got stuck in the grouting between two floor tiles. The stool stopped but I kept on moving. Next thing  I was on the floor. Just another little fall I thought.

Lying on the floor and my right shoulder hurt. I’m not too sure what I did to cushion the fall. Everything happened in a blur.

The Wife asked the right questions

‘Are you all right? Is there anything I can do?’ she said nervously.

Feeling slightly shocked I said ‘I will be okay just give me a few minutes’.

I felt dazed. Was I really okay?

Just another little fall

As I slowly moved from horizontal to vertical I realised that I had hurt my right shoulder.  I could move my arm and I could clench my fists so I hadn’t dislocated the shoulder. Phew, an enormous feeling of relief flooded over me. Nonetheless I had stretched things what ought not to have been stretched. My shoulder definitely hurt.

That night

Taking my shirt and jumper off was a painful process. Just lying in bed hurt. Whichever I side I slept on was painful. The next morning I tried to get out of bed but I couldn’t put any weight through my right arm and shoulder.

Getting dressed took even longer

My stiff and painful shoulder made the process of putting on a shirt and pullover tricky. I had forgotten how much twisting and turning of the shoulder is necessary just to get dressed. Normally I put my left arm into a sleeve first of all now I had to change it to my right arm.

Bad balance

MS has changed my lifestyle. I must use a Rollator or wheeled walker when walking otherwise I fall over. Now I tried to walk with my walker, ouch! I discovered, the painful way, I couldn’t put any weight through my right arm. Over the years the MS has forced me to make masses of small lifestyle changes.

A couple of days later

I made an appointment to see a physiotherapist. This frightened me when I thought about the consequences. Would she want to put my arm in a sling to rest the sore shoulder joint? A sudden ghastly thought; I can’t use a rollator with just one arm.


I have a rather expensive unused wheelchair. Was I now going to have to commission it? I had never used it in the house. Was there enough space for the wheelchair? This was all nightmare material. Just another little fall was growing into a big fall. Had a big change to my lifestyle arrived?

A couple of days later

I have not yet seen the physiotherapist but things are getting better. I think the wheelchair worries can be put to bed. The aches and pains seem to be subsiding, I just need to take things even more slowly. I must make sure I don’t fall over again.

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  1. Thank you for telling it like it is Patrick.

    The only comment I can offers, and “suggestions” can be anathema, is heat pads.


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