Kitchen Blender with Food Processor

An excellent Hand Held Kitchen Blender, it comes with an egg whisk, chopping bowl and a beaker.

Kitchen Blender with Food processor

Kitchen Blender with Food processor

The hand held food blender weighs 700 gm (1lb 8oz) and has a very powerful motor. It is elegantly designed for food blending as well as being easy to use and the turbo button is a wonderful extra.

All so easy

Use it to whisk egg whites, think how easy it will be to make meringues. The beaker could easily be used to make mojitos and smoothies and you can crush your own ice in the food processor bowl. If the beaker is too small then its very easy to use a separate larger bowl. Liquidising a soup could not be easier, just use the saucepan.

whisk egg whites | make meringues | turbo button | make mojitos | food blending

Keep it for easy access

The  blender is easy to hold and the motor is not noisy. The variable speed control is an assett when chopping things up. Slow down the motor to prevent the vegetables becoming a mushy pulp.

Another bonus, think how easy it is to store, no large unwieldy piece of kitchen equipment to wedge into a cupboard.

Basic Product Information

  • Whisks up egg whites

    Whisks up egg whites

    Hand blender with egg whisk, 500ml chopping bowl and 500ml beaker

  • Elegant design powerful 700-watts DC Motor
  • Turbo power and variable speed control
  • Low noise operation, quick and fine blending
  • Rubber hand grips
  • Andrew James powerful 700 watt motor
  • 500 ml food processor bowl 500ml beaker, stainless steel blades and stainless steel egg whisk

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Customer comments

  • I have used all the attachments and they work really well. It’s nice looking and very sturdy.
  • It gets used daily. It’s sturdy, sexy, well made, versatile, easy to clean…Just get one – you’ll be impressed!
  • I have made mayonnaise in minutes, meringues, sauces, blended soups, chopped veg, pureed fruit – you name it, I’ve done it!
  • This is a brilliant tool that I use for blending veg for making soup. Works so well it can blend a litre of soup in under 30 seconds Very pleased with this.

Buy the Andrew James hand blender now

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