Length of a Walking Stick

Length f a walkign stick

Is the walkig stick the right length?

A walking stick is the lightest walking aid to help with balance when walking.  It is not designed to be used as a crutch to support your full weight. A stick sends a signal to tell people that your balance is not perfect. So if you are a bit wobbly on your legs use a stick. Now if you are lucky people might hold the door open for you or give you their seat on the train.  My advice is that it is always better to use a stick than to fall over.

This information is only meant as a guide

Consult your doctor or physiotherapist for specific medical advice

To measure the length of a walking stick, remove the ferrule or rubber tip, put the stick upside down on the ground measure the length from the ground to the bottom of the stick. Don’t forget to replace the ferrule or rubber tip afterwards.

Length of a walking stick.

You can use one of two methods methods, you choose to get the ideal length of a walking stick.

  1. Wear the shoes that you would use when using the walking stick. Measure your height in centimetres divide by two, round up to the nearest centimetre and now add one centimetre. So if you are 195 cm tall then the length is 195 now divide it by two, this is 97.5 cm. Next round it up to to a whole number,in this case it’s 98 and finally add 1 centimetre. This gives 99 centimetres for the length of the walking stick as measured above.
  2. Stand upright wearing the shoes you would wear when using the walking stick, and measure the distance from the ground to your wrist joint. This should be the length of your walking stick as measured above.

Some more tips

When you are using the walking stick try to walk upright.Do not stoop and make sure your arm is slightly bent at the elbow. Check if the walking stick is the right length. Stand up, there will be a 15 – 20 degree  bend at the elbow when the stick touches the ground.

Using a stick for better balance

Consider putting it in your non-dominant hand so that you can continue to use your dominant hand for everyday tasks. If you are using a stick because one of your legs does not function 100% efficiently then hold the stick using the hand that’s on the same side as your good leg. 

I hope this helps you to set a telescopic stick to the ideal length.

March 2012

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