Is liberation and freedom just a Botox away?

Is liberation and freedom just a Botox away?

Liberation and freedom with Botox

On Wednesday 1st Feb I went to Queens Square to receive Botulinium Toxin or Botox injections into my bladder. I had wanted the injections for over two years. Life with a badly behaved as well as irritable bladder is no joke. I had learnt a lot of techniques to make life with this handicap easier. Pills, pads, catheters and an amazing ability to find the nearest loo should all now be history. For the last 15 years my bladder was an enormous elephant in the room. Is liberation and freedom just a Botox away?

It is an incredibly simple procedure

A tube is inserted into your bladder and then there are about twenty injections into the bladder wall. Each injection is like a tiny pin prick. The doctor can see it all on a monitor screen. I was too frightened to look. I did not even count them; instead I just lay on the treatment couch trying really hard to relax.

From start to finish the treatment lasted a whopping fifteen minutes. To arrive at this point it was necessary for me to jump through so many hoops and attend so many appointments. This really was a big moment for me.

No fanfare

At the end there was no congratulations card. No one to say well done or this is what will happen. Instead I was told to get dressed, and empty my bladder with a catheter, obviously. Next I had to collect a prescription from the pharmacy, 3 days’ worth of antibiotics, and go home.

What an anti-climax

I had achieved something that everyone else said was fantastic but I still felt the same. Oh yes the doctor told me to stop taking Tropsium Chloride, the pill I take each day to manage my accident prone bladder. She did not volunteer that information, I had to ask her asbout the pills.

Is liberation and freedom just a Botox away?

Well here I am five days later. No Tropsium Chloride, no discreet little pad inside my pants in case I have a wee accident. The feeling that I must always put my bladder first is still there but already it is taking up less of my thoughts. It will never go completely because I will always need to do intermittent self-catheterisation.

I scoured the internet and one site says it takes a few days before Botox starts to be effective, I agree.

Last night

I went to a 60th birthday party of a friend of mine and The Wife. I drank wine, prosecco and champagne. A week ago this would have sent me off in search of a loo within 15 minutes. Not last night. I lasted the whole party and the Trike ride back home before needing to go to the loo.

Women found liberation by burning their bras. For me liberation and freedom is Botox. I can now get rid of my discrete pads to prevent indiscretion.

February 2017

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  1. Simon says:

    Extremely pleased for you!

  2. Judy Epstein says:

    Great news! Congratulations!!

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