Man still needs Botox for his bladder

Man still needs Botox for his bladder

Botox for the bladder

I need Botox injections to control my bladder spasticity. This issue has been rocking around my locker for more than a couple of years. I have written about these problems far too often. You must be bored with them.  Even I admit this subject does not come top of my reading list. Well read on, the plot thickens.

Man talking about Botox for his bladder

I had my uro dynamics test in mid September. The person who did the test said that I was definitely eligible for some Botox. I already had another appointment lined up with my Uro Neurology consultant for about six weeks later.

The end was in sight

Maybe I could then think about seriously drinking some ale. Making a pint last a couple of hours is not a lot of fun. I can’t even act as a driver because my double vision and poor peripheral sight stopped me driving over ten years ago

My appointment with the consultant was due on Tuesday 25th October at 2.40. I have been to the Neurological hospital in Queens Square lots of times so no problems with the journey. The afternoon before and the phone rings at about 2.15.

The conversation

I pick it up, “Hello”

The voice at the other end says “Is that Mr Patrick Burke?”

“Yes” I reply.

The voice then says, “This is the Neurological Hospital at Queens Square. I’m afraid your appointment for tomorrow afternoon has been cancelled because of staff sickness. We will be in touch with you next week to arrange another appointment”.

I was stunned

What could I say? I could see no point in arguing, it wouldn’t create an appointment. Also I could tell the person did not want to stay on the line.

I tried phoning up the hospital the next day but never managed to get an answer.

Finally on Thursday I got through to the appointments. I was informed that my appointment had been rearranged for March next year. No mention of an extra clinic. If I want a cancellation then I must phone up every couple of days and ask if there is one.

No point in being Mr Angry

The problem was not the fault of the person booking the appointments nor could the person offer a solution. I think I will need to write a letter.

Meanwhile my wait for Botox will enter its third year.

October 2017

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  1. Julie Adcock says:

    I’ve just had my appt for Botox because the Dr. is ill. It is a dreadful place to get any replies from. my own GP has written to them twice and they haven’t had the good manners to reply. I have lost all faith in them

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