Mobile Shower Chair

A holiday house I recently stayed in had a Mobile Shower Chair for use in the wet-room. The mobile shower chair has castors and brakes. Put me in a shower with a slippery wet floor, nothing to hold on to and I will take a tumble. I have difficulty standing upright on my feet and a frightening tendency to fall over Much safer to use this mobile shower chair for a shower?

Mobile shower chair

Mobile shower chair with castors, brakes and a push bar

Mobile shower chair?

The arms of the chair definitely helped to make me feel very secure. The moulded seat is comfortable and provides good support for the back. Obviously the steering handle is essential for moving the chair whether or not someone is sitting in it. The wheels and brakes for each wheel makes the chair easy to move and it can be locked stationary for safety. There is a chair with only two brakes but I think the extra two brakes make it safer.

Did I like it?

Well it was a choice of using the showering chair or not having a shower. OK it is designed as a shower chair for the elderly but it was not uncomfortable so there was nothing to complain about.

Basic description

Mobile shower chair

Mobile shower chair

  • Tubular steel frame with tough polymer coating
  • Pram handle for carers to push and steer
  • Moulded seat conforms to MHRA guidelines
  • Large 5 inch castors
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Would I recommend the mobile shower chair?

Yes I would. It makes me feel safe and secure in a wet wet-room. No chance of slipping out or falling over. Definitely give it the five stars.

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At home

The shower is over the bath so a shower chair on wheels would be no good. Instead I used to use a shower stool and a non slip bath mat in the bath. Before I bought the stool I used grip handles to stop me falling over.

We now have a wet-room with walk-in shower. Climbing into a bath is totally impossible

Customer comments

  • Very help full for every thing
  • Even after 4 months and with some mobility returning it is still the best

 Click Aidapt Hythe Mobile Shower Chair with Castors and 4 Brakes to buy it.

3 responses to “Mobile Shower Chair”

  1. Matthew says:

    Something simple as a shower chair can give an elderly person their independence and dignity back.

  2. Alena says:

    Mobility is a big barrier for disabled people. They often require someone’s help for doing their regular activities. Showering chair proves to be of great help for such people

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