My interview on Tring Today – Friday 18 February

Tring Radio interview

Interview with Tring Radio

Bored on Friday 18th at lunch time? Why not tune into Tring radio on Friday between 12 and 1 and listen to my interview as a guest on Tring Today. Tring Radio is a local community radio station run entirely by volunteers. Two people started the station two years ago at the start of the Covid pandemic. The interviews on Tring Today are an important part of Tring radio.

Tring radio interview

So tune in and listen to me on Friday between 12 and 1 on Tring Radio. Find the station through Google or any other search engine here or download the App onto your phone

Kate Hogarth will interview me

We will chat about many aspects of my life which will almost certainly include multiple sclerosis with all the associated baggage. I’m sure my fabulous mobility scooter The Trike will come into the conversation as well as disabled access. Baking and cooking are my favourite hobbies and of course I will be talking about that as well. A tricky question, do I take cake or biscuits into the studio? I will have a favourite or recipe or two with me, so listen out for those.

The following week I will be joining the fabulous Tring Today team and helping with the interviewing.

Thursday Lunchbox show

I used to present a weekly show called the Thursday Lunch Box show. It was a one man magazine show, this was not easy for a rookie radio presenter. Every week I had a recipe and talked about a couple of topics that I found interesting. I had the opportunity to play some of my favourite music. All very casual and tremendous fun and I presented from home. In November the radio station moved into a studio and I retired for a couple of months.

The 12 to 1 slot is called Tring Today and is live every Monday to Friday. Local guests are interviewed but there is little or no music. This Friday I am the local celebrity. Have I found fame at last?

As of next Friday 26th February I will do interviewing one day a week but the day will vary depending upon commitments of the team.

For me this will be very new, exciting and definitely a challenge. This is a step into the unknown but I’m quite sure it will all be plain sailing after a couple of weeks. I am certainly looking forward to this new opportunity.

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7 responses to “My interview on Tring Today – Friday 18 February”

  1. Mal Kiely says:

    Good on you, good sir! I will be listening, all the way from Australia – as always!

  2. Iy is easy to listen to the Tring Today on catchup.

    Via your laptop>shows>listen again

  3. Barbara o’’leary says:

    Just bought a new larger and sprung seat for my trike, can’t wait to try it out ….plus a basket for the front. So glad to have a dealership in Watford…..happy scooting, a marvellous piece of work. The new ones look interesting but basically the same as my 4 yr old one that’s as good as new……good luck for your interview…’ll love it. Will it be recorded?⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    • Hello Barbara,

      Travelscoot dealership in Watford is a big help. 2 big differences with the new Travelscoot, does not fold as small but it is much easier to get off and on if you have foot drop or something similar because entire frame is level and front is lower.

  4. Ian Cook says:

    congratulations. Hope the show goes well

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