Tale of two different rollators


tale of two different rollators

Patrick with his Topro rollator

A rollator is an aid that helps with walking. They help me with my balance and to walk upright. A rollator provides the support. It will have a seat to sit on when tired, brakes and a basket to carry items They are all lightweight, the frame is robust, the brakes can be adjusted and should have 4 wheels.

Tale of two different rollators

Some rollators are a high quality product, others are cheap and cheerful and there are ones in between. This is a tale of two different rollators. I have used both types. I have multiple sclerosis. A rollator is an essential walking aid for me.

Give the following some thought

  • Budget
  • Posture
  • Finish quality
  • Quality of the build
  • Storage
  • Transportation

I will compare two different rollators

Topro Toja                                                                 Lightweight Folding Rollator

Topro Troja rollator

Topro Troja rollator

Lightweight folding rollator

Lightweight Folding rollator


The Troja Topro starts off at about £ 180 and anything else is an extra. The Lightweight folding rollator has no extras, it comes with a clear plastic tray and a walking stick holder and costs just under £ 50.


When walking with the Topro I am between the front and back wheels. Now I am more inclined to walk with a straight back and not hunch my shoulders. I felt as if I was pushing the Lightweight Folding Rollator so I did not get the same feeling of support and less inclined to pull back my shoulders.

Finish Quality

A lot of thought has gone into the construction of the Topro Troja. There are no rough edges which can damage the paintwork or furniture in the house. The lightweight folding rollator is made for a price. There are sharp edges on it so it is easy to accidentaly damage furniture and paintwork. You will need to clip the brake wires to the frame, it is very easy for them to snag something as I walk past.

Build Quality

The Topro Troja feels solid, reliable and sturdy. The Lightweight folding rollator feels insubstantial and flimsy in comparison.


It is very easy to fold up or close a Topro rollator. Just lift a tab on the seat and the wheels come together. Once folded there is a catch to prevent it opening up. The Lightweight Folding rollator folds up by lifting the seat and concertinering the front and back wheels together but there is nothing to keep it folded.


Fold up the Topro Troja and it can wheel along and even acct as a support. This is completely impossible with the lightweight folding rollator. I have to carry it when folded up. I cannot carry it even though it is very light.

Carrying Basket

I like the basket of the Aluminium Lightweight Rollator, it is like a supermarket basket and it is not fixed. The bag on the Topro Troja is quite deep so things can get buried and difficult to find.


The Topro rollator was delivered by a physiotherapist who made sure it was set to the correct height. When standing directly behind it and holding the handles there should be a 15 degree bend at the elbows. The same should apply when standing with a walking stick.


Extras for the Topro rollator are not cheap. A walking stick holder, tray and non-slip mat costs about £ 70. The tray and non slip mat is well worth the money. I use all of these and do not regret buying them

Final decision

In the disability world you get what you pay for. To my mind the Topro is much better value for money than the Aluminium Lightweight Rollator; The Topro is expensive but it is built to last. I need to decide what is a priority item and how much I can afford. Go to mobility shows and try ouyt the different rollators. Shows such as Naidex, Mobility and the Caring shows are worth visiting.

These are my own views and neither was a gift

May 2015

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