The Topro Olympos Rollator

The Topro Olympos Rollator

The Topro Olympos Rollator

I own a Topro Olympos Rollator it has four big wheels and it is designed to be used outdoors. It is a very stable rollator. The large wheels make it so easy to use when walking over uneven pavements, cobbles even gravel. It rolls along easily and smoothly. It gives me independence and improves my quality of life. I cannot walk unaided but the Topro Olympos Rollator gives me tremendous confidence even though my walking is now excruciatingly slow.

Totally practical

The big advantage of this Rollator is it stops me staggering and lurching, I walk much more smoothly.  If you want to put it away there is a strip of material on the seat, lift that up and the wheels come together.  Now you can clip the sides together use it as a balance aid while walking along to put it away.

I have bought a clip for my walking stick and there is a waterproof cover you can fix over the basket.

Walking with it so easy

Using a Topro Olympos Walker my plan is to walk 1 Km in May 2019 I am hoping to walk 1 Km. Without it there would be absolutely no chance of being able to walk anywhere

Almost no chance of falling over when using it

It gives me confidence that I won’t fall over and using it encourages me to walk in a more natural way, not stooped but upright. The stability encourages you to walk upright and not to walk with a stoop. My physiotherapist always tells me to pull my shoulders back when walking with a rollator. The stability of the Topro Olympus rollator makes this so much easier.

Completely practical

The basket can take the shopping and there is a seat to sit on as well. The brakes are very good. I think the design of the The Topro Olympus rollator is excellent and its easy to use. It is also extremely easy to fold up so when not is use it has a very small footprint and it stays folded up.

Here is a video of me using the Topro Olympus Rollator a few years ago when I could walk unaided, yup those were the days.

I will publish a separate blog of the Topro extras I have bought. They are not cheap but the quality is exceptionally good.

The Topro Olympos Rollator

You will not regret buying a Topro Olympos Rollator. It is very sturdy, reliable and well built. The four wheel give it much more stability than the three wheeled ones. At first glance it might seem to be expensive but the investment is well worthwhile. Providing you can put one foot in front of another and stand up then this will not let you down

Customer comments

  • Really stable
  • It is very simple to fold up
  • wheels don’t get get caught on every little stone

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 Updated Dec 2018

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  1. Peter van Raak says:

    I have a question about the Topro Troja rollator. Is it possible to place the wheels of the Topro Olympus rollator on the Topro Troja rollator? If so was is the cost of 4 wheels?

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