What would I like returned to me by Multiple Sclerosis?

What would I like returned to me by Multiple Sclerosis

What has MS has robbed from me?

What would I like returned to me by Multiple Sclerosis? I’m talking about basic abilities, ones I have lost for ever. The list is far too long to bore you. In my dreams there is only I would like back. I’m sure it’s something lots of people take for granted. Right now I am really struggling to live my life without it.

We walk on only two feet so balance is essential

Close my eyes and I will fall over.

Look down at my toes and I will fall over.

Getting dressed

Standing on one leg is totally impossible, I will definitely fall over. So I have to get dressed sitting down. Think about how you put on a pair of trousers or your socks.

When I take a pullover off over my head I look down at my feet so I cannot see anything. Consequently I need to be sitting down.

Washing my face is another balancing act. Just stop for a moment and think what I would do. I stand in front of the wash hand basin, bend down and use my hands to splash water onto my face. Unless I am careful and rest my body against the basin I’m a goner.

Walking is an activity that also needs balance

It’s not just walking, think of going up the stairs two at a time or running to catch a bus. There lots of other related things that I can no longer do. I cannot carry a tray of glasses; inevitably I will lose my balance so they slide off the tray and crash to the floor. Carrying anything is a risky job.

What would I like returned to me by Multiple Sclerosis

So I want someone to wave their magic wand and cast a spell. The spell will give me back my balance. I don’t want my balance returned for a few days and then robbed of it again. That would be so unfair 🙁

I would like it back on a permanent basis. Think how my life would change. I would be able to walk, stand in a room at a party and have a conversation with someone whilst holding a drink or a plate of food. I’m dreaming of it already.

Will someone grant me this wish?

If it happened I would start by giving the equipment away that I have to use at home so that I do not fall over; rollators, Travelscoot, two wheeled walker, walking stick, Functional Electrical Stimulator.

I would be able to walk down the hill to the shops and then walk back afterwards carrying the shopping. It would be amazing.

Life is full of dreams

One day one of them will come true.

January 2017

8 responses to “What would I like returned to me by Multiple Sclerosis?”

  1. Pat Poole says:

    Agree completely and especially the bit about balancing against the sink – imagine trying to pluck eyebrows lol. I have to be in a certain position for the light to be right, so am balanced against the bath by my knees. If one decides to give way I could have such a nasty eyebrow incident!

  2. John Cowburn says:

    I have regular dreams of suddenly realizing that I am walking normally again. Sometimes the dream is so realistic that I that I think I’m dreaming in the dream and then I realize, no it’s not a dream and that I can actually walk normally again and then I wake up to the awful truth!! Once a week at least!

  3. Mark Webb says:

    I’d want the ability to walk back. Even if only with a stick…

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