Wrist weights help my balance

Wrist weights and my balance

Wrist weights are good for my balance

My sense of balance has been steadily getting worse, multiple sclerosis is the culprit. What can I do to reduce the rate of deterioration? I’m sure exercise, particularly walking, helps me to have good balance. Wrist Weights help my balance and I did not realise how much I use my balance until I started to lose it. It is something almost everyone takes for granted and it is used when sitting or standing.

Wrist weights help my balance

I sit on a wobble cushion, that is a test of my balance. The next test is to put the Wrist Weights on my wrists.

Simple exercises

I close my eyes and slowly move my arms like the hands on a clock. I also look round as far as I can in each direction with my arms out like the wings of an aeroplane. I even twist my torso as well.  When I’m sitting on the chair if I start to lose my balance I find it difficult to get back to equilibrium. The temptation to open my eyes is almost irresistible.

Simple advice

Do not to get weights that are too heavy, you should be able to hold your arms out fairly easily and not be fighting the weight. I use ones that weigh 1 KG each, that is quite heavy enough. Also try the exercises with the weight on only one wrist. I try to do 15 minutes of exercises a day for my balance using the wobble cushion.

Its not easy

I do find it difficult to keep my balance but I am quite sure these exercises are good for me. If my balance is good then it is that much easier to retain my independence and to have a good quality of life.

Alternative use

People seem to buy them with the aim to get physically fitter. My aim is to reduce the rate of deterioration of my balance. I suppose this could be called neural plasticity. Does it work?  Its difficult to say but it makes me feel better.

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